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Level Up your Facebook Advertising Strategy

Driving traffic with Facebook Ads is easy. Anyone can do it. But, successfully launching a campaign and launching a successful campaign are two different things. Having a solid strategy is what makes the difference. Aaron Childs (Hanapin Marketing) will explain how to use tools that Facebook Ads provides in an intelligent way to ensure success. [...]

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Facebook Gives Small Businesses New Advertising And Engagement Tools

A series of new tools is being rolled out by Facebook that is aimed at small and mid-sized businesses: An Automated Ads platformA video editing features Appointment booking capabilities “With over 90 million small businesses on Facebook, we’re proud to play a role in helping business of all sizes grow and create jobs,” said Facebook. [...]

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Snap Select Will Let Advertisers Reserve Video Inventory At Fixed CPM

On April 26, Snapchat announced that it is launching Snap Select, which will give advertisers who use the platform's six second non-skippable Commercial ads access to premium video inventory. A lot of time and effort has been up into building out Discover programming options by Snap. these options include over 450 premium content channels worldwide [...]

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SEMrush: Facebook Advertising in 2019

Facebook Advertising seems to be a strange beast, with some people seemingly getting exceptional results, and others just not managing to drive any serious traction. But why is this and what’s working best with Facebook Advertising now? They cover topics such as: What impact did Cambridge Analytics actually have on advertising on Facebook, and what’s [...]

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Pinterest Introduces New Conversion Features For Promoted Pins And Videos

On April 11, Pinterest launched two new conversion tools for advertisers, which offers conversion optimization for Promoted Pin campaigns and a new conversion goals feature for Promoted Videos. These new tools are available to any brand with a Pinterest business account. Promoted Pin campaigns were previously optimized for just clicks, but now, advertisers are able [...]

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Twitter Hires Google Exec To Head US Agency Development

Doug Brodman. Image: Twitter Doug Brodman has been hired by Twitter as its US agency development director.  For the last five years, Brodman had been with Google's US agency team With this new role at Twitter, Brodman will be leading the team that works with the big holding companies and their agencies to [...]

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Facebook Showcase Offers Upfront Ad Buys Against Premium Video Content

On Tuesday,Facebook introduced Showcase, a new "premium" video advertising program.  The company bundled three of its existing ad products into one: In-Stream Reserve In-Stream Reserve Categories Sponsorships The point behind positioning Showcase as a premium video advertising program is to help advertisers reach younger audiences. Even though the ad products found in Showcase aren't anything new, [...]

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Quora Intros Bulk Ad Creation, Editing

This is a great time to scale up your Quora ads, as the company recently added the ability to create and edit ads in bulk in Quora Ads Manager. How does this ability work?  The bulk ads editor has templates that are downloadable.  Next, you'll create and edit ads in a CSV file or in Excel. Currently, [...]

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