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6 Ways Ad Agencies Can Thrive In An AI-First World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been a part of PPC for quite a while now.  If that's so, why are they such hot topics all of a sudden?  In part, it's because exponential advances have now brought technology to the point where it can legitimately compete with the performance and precision of account managers of [...]

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Facebook Ad Experiments Are a Marketer’s Gold Mine – Here’s Why

In order to find the right prospects with the right message, marketers need to be able to run fast, efficient tests and experiments. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple's Mark Traphagen explains why Facebook advertising is an ideal laboratory for marketing experimentation. Brought to you by Stone [...]

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AdMob Native Express UITableView – Mobile Ads Garage #12

Native Express ads fit right in with list-based user interfaces, and in this episode you'll learn how to integrate them into an iOS app that uses a UITableViewController for its primary UI. Along the way you'll get a detailed set of steps, see screencasts of implementation in Xcode, plus get a handy technique for tapping [...]

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Reddit Launches Ad Targeting Product Based On Site Visits

If you're a Reddit user, than this news is just for you! It was announced earlier this week by Reddit CEO Steve Huffman that could cause some dropping jaws, as well as the rejoicing of advertisers.  Reddit will support not just subreddit ad targeting, but they will be broadening out to interest targeting, which is, according to Huffman, [...]

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This Is How Facebook Deals With Ad Overcrowding In The News Feed

It's expected that Facebook will have maxed out the ratio of ads to normal posts in people’s news feeds sometime next year.  This means that, more than likely, Facebook will have to cut back on the number of ads that they sell.  But in a turn of events, Facebook is finding places to divert those ads outside [...]

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