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Dealing with CCPA and Facebook Ads

Search Engine Land’s Editor-in-Chief Ginny Marvin speaks with advertising and data intelligence experts about what advertisers affected by CCPA need to do to keep their Facebook campaigns compliant, how to adjust Facebook campaigns as a result of this change, and the impact marketers are already seeing due to Limited Data Use.

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Facebook Ads More Sponsored Post Options For Groups

Facebook is always trying to encourage group engagement, so it's no surprise that they are trying to create as many opportunities for businesses within these communities. The company is currently trying to add another pathway for group admins with new band partnership posts that are built into the group experience direct. The sponsored posts found [...]

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Facebook Ads: Which Ad Should I Create First?

Let's talk about the three phases of turning attention into customer revenue: Connect, which is all about branding; Commit, which is about that lead generation and putting people into your sales funnel; and Close, where it's all about the sales retargeting to talk to people who are already in purchase intent and help them make [...]

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Snapchat Launches Ads Certification Program

In an announcement, Snapchat is launching Focus, the new module-based training for advertising and brands. Focus has been dubbed the place for "everything you need to know about Snapchap ads." “Our new learning portal, Snap Focus, is our most up-to-date resource and destination to learn about the latest and greatest from Snapchat and the community [...]

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Facebook Relaxes Ban on Ads for Non-Medical Masks

On June 10, Facebook announced that they are relaxing the restrictions around ads selling face mask, which is a rule that the company instituted in March. Originally, the rule came to be when COVID-19 was spreading, and a shortage of masks was imminent. Facebook made the decision to ban any ads selling masks in order to [...]

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How to Determine Your Ad Spend

The goal of any ads strategy should be to get a positive return on your investment, which comes down to whether you’re getting more revenue out of the ad campaign than the cost you’re putting in. How can you determine what your ad spend should be to get the most return on your investment? To [...]

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How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads in 2020

Learn how to prepare your business to use LinkedIn advertising to create impactful inbound marketing campaigns. HubSpot Academy’s social media professor, Crystal King, shares tips on optimizing your page, how to use LinkedIn’s audience targeting, how to use your LinkedIn Campaign Manager and more, including advice from Ty Heath at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute.

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Reddit to Publicly Disclose Political Ad Details

Reddit has announced that it'll be publicly disclosing all political ads, as well as some other service requirements from this point on. This came ahead of the elections in the fall. This is Reddit's attempt to address transparency. Political ads were subject to the same scrutiny as all ads in the past, meaning that they [...]

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Using Ads to Grow Locally

The Hubspot folks sat down with Danielle Stoffels and Jacob Mader to learn how local businesses use search advertising to generate leads. Learn more:

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