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Reddit to Publicly Disclose Political Ad Details

Reddit has announced that it'll be publicly disclosing all political ads, as well as some other service requirements from this point on. This came ahead of the elections in the fall. This is Reddit's attempt to address transparency. Political ads were subject to the same scrutiny as all ads in the past, meaning that they [...]

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Reddit Launches a Twitter-like Ad Unit: Trending Takeovers

A new ad unit is being launched by Reddit and will be familiar to those who have seen Twitter's takeover ad in the 'trending' section. This ad unit, called Trending Takeover, offers brands the ability to be prominently displayed in Reddit's 'Popular' feed. Reddit says its Search tab and Popular feed are the two most [...]

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Reddit Issues Its Own Anti-Deepfake Policy, Instagram Adds New Options To Boomerang

Reddit’s deepfake policy Recently, Reddit joined the growing collective of platforms pushing back on deepfakes and other forms of manipulated media. The company updated its community guidelines to ban the use of deceptive impersonation within its app, including the use of deepfake content. According to the update, “Do not impersonate an individual or entity in a misleading [...]

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Reddit App Install Ads Are, Here Along With New 3rd Party Attribution Options, More Tracking Capabilities

On Wednesday, Reddit announced that its cost per click (CPC) ads now include an App Install campaign objective.  Seven new attribution reporting providers has also been added to its list of available third-party integrations, along with updated tracking capabilities for its Conversion Pixel. Since introducing CPC ads less than a month ago, the ad product will now include [...]

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Reddit Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Video Views

It's been a year since Reddit launched native video, and since thing, Reddit is reporting it is seeing more than a billion video views per month on average. The platform says it has experienced a 38 percent growth in native videos since the start of the year, with advertisers seeing higher conversion rates and more engagement with video [...]

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Reddit’s Native Ads Are Now Available In The Android App

In an announcement on Wednesday, Reddit rolled out its native ad placements to the Reddit Android app.  This roll out follows the native ads that came out for the iOS app last month. The Android Promoted Post user experience will mirror the one existing for iOS.  Not only are comments enabled, native ad placements even features both upvotes [...]

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