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How Do Sessions Work in Google Analytics? – Whiteboard Friday

Google Analytics data is used to support a lot of important work, ranging from  our everyday marketing reporting to investment decisions.  To this end, it's important that we're aware of how the data works. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Tom Capper will explain how the sessions metric in Google Analytics works, several ways that [...]

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How to Analyze Competitors and Markets with Revamped Traffic Analytics

Have you had a chance to enjoy Traffic Analytics after its relaunch? Along with other SEMrush tools, it has turned into a powerful solution for business leaders and marketing practitioners. Join Ilya Shuyskiy, our Presale Engineer to learn about Traffic Analytics’ capabilities and discover how you can use it to: Gain insights into rivals’ marketing [...]

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Autopilot Debuts Real-Time Collaborative Customer Journey Map

One of the keys to modern marketing is customer choices, and because of this, the customer journey map has become the central strategic and management document. It depicts the marketing exposures and decisions for a given kind of customer and is used to plot alternatives, responses and followup pitches. In order to assist teams work [...]

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Twitter Reported To Be Under Investigation For Violating GDPR

Twitter is, according to a Fortune report Friday, under investigation by Irish privacy authorities for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A report was filed by Michael Veale, a privacy researcher at the Unversity College London, with the Irish data protection (DPA) and complained that Twitter refused to give him records on waht sort of data was being [...]

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Bring Order To Chaos: Wrangling Data For Actionable Insights

One of the most challenging issues facing brands today is producing actionable insights.  Urgency is always there, and is always pushing marketers and analysts to rush their decisions.  But it's never that simple, as urgency is only half of the problem.  We also have to deal with the waves of data from far too many [...]

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How To Capitalize On The Competitive Advantage Of Real-Time Data Analysis

With the Real-Time report in Google Analytics, users can monitor website activity as it actually occurs on your website or app.  The report is constantly getting update, while the website activity is reported only a few seconds later.  This can give marketers immediate real-time data that can provide unique and valuable insight. There are a number of [...]

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Google Search Console Query Reports Now Exclude ‘Anonymous Query’ Data From Chart Totals

In a quiet move, Google has posted that is removing query data from the Google Search Console report chart total s that identify as "anonymous queries" when a users applies a query filter to the report.  This basically means that reported clicks and impressions could drop when you apply a filter.  According to google, “an anonymous query is a query [...]

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Google Will Automatically Verify Your Google Search Console Account If You Are The Property’s Owner In Google Analytics

In an announcement made by Google, the company will soon automatically verify you for a website in Search Console if you are already a verified owner of the same property in Google Analytics. In this case, this means that you won't have to request manual verification within Google Search Console if you've already set up Analytics.  It will streamline the [...]

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