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How To Create A Style Guide For Your SEO Content Writers

We always here the following statements when you're immersed in the world of SEO content writing: How do I find good writers? The writers I do have are inconsistent How will I know if a writer 'gets' SEO? There seems to be a gap between the data-focused SEO pros and the creative copywriters they usually [...]

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Bringing Creative In-House: 8 Steps For Avoiding Disaster

These days, clients are taking more and more of their programmatic work in-house.  This migration is increasingly moving beyond media buying to include creative work.  At the company, Flashtalking, they've seen a half a dozen major clients in the last 12 months take meaningful steps to bringing digital creative in-house.  But, a number of them struggle to achieve [...]

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Taking Goliath Down: How To Compete With The Giants In Your Industry

If you're a small business, marketing can be mighty tough.  You might feel like David versus Goliath - your competition is bigger, better funded and branded.  Is it even possible to compete with that?  Of course! Although it's a fact that a larger, more well-established company has plenty of advantages over a smaller business or [...]

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The Psychology Of Liking On Facebook

We know how addictive the social media network, Facebook, can be.  We love to know what's going on around us and what our friends are up to.  We could spend hours on Facebook and not even realize we've spent so much time doing just that. Not only do we love to looking at news bits [...]

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Tips To Ensure You’re Prepared For The 2015 Holiday Retail Season

Considering that it's August, and we've been enjoying the sunshine and overall summer weather, it's hard to believe that the holiday retail season is creeping up on us.  After all, it's only August, right? But when you put everything into perspective, we don't have a lot of time to get things ready from a marketing point of [...]

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7 Things CMOs Should Know About Attribution

In this day and age, marketing attribution has never been more difficult or complicated than it is now.  With all of the marketing channels and devices that have been popping up over these last several years, things have just gotten crazier.  And to think that a few years ago, it wasn't nearly this complicated. So [...]

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How To Leverage Community To Build A Great Brand

When it comes to building up a great brand, it should be the first thing on your mind as a marketer.  The best marketers who think about building up their brands know that in order to succeed, their brands have to be able to stand for something that millions of consumers are willing to stand [...]

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