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Facebook is Limiting the Number of Ads That a Page Can Run

Beginning in February of next year, Facebook is going to limit how many ads a page can run. This is apparently meant to encourage advertisers to embrace dynamic creative. This limit will be based on the size of the advertiser's ad spend (specifically the highest-spend month over the last year).will be used to determine how [...]

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Google Analytics Adds Predictive Features for Advertisers

Google Analytics has announced that a new feature for Predictive Audiences and Predictive Metrics has surfaced. It is part of their Beta for App + Web properties. Because of this, it is not available for normal Analytics situation. Predictive Audiences Users can now see new audiences, based off two audience types - likely buyers and likely [...]

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CCPA Roll-Out Causes Havoc for Facebook Advertisers

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which was announced in 2018, has finally rolled out. Unfortunately, it has caused confusion among Facebook ad buyers. They are scrambling to grapple with the vaporizing of data and targeting for California audiences, while at the same time scratching their heads over what compliance actually mean. CCPA is a [...]

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The Brands Boycotting Facebook And Zuckerberg’s Response

A number of different brands are joining the Stop Hate for Profit Facebook ad boycott. Advertisers are being asked to pause their ad spend on both Facebook and Instagram in July, saying that the social media platform is tolerating racism and hate speech, “turned a blind eye toward voter suppression on their platform.” According to reports, over 100 [...]

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Viant’s Updated ACR Knows What You Watch On TV — And Can Immediately Re-Target Your Mobile Devices With The Same Ad

Have you had one of those moments when you're watching TV, and you see a car commercial on.  Then, you get up with your phone to do something, and you suddenly have a sense of deja-vu.  You're watching the same ad on your phone. This scenario of multidevice campaigns, coordinates with your television program watching.  [...]

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Telaria Launches ‘First Complete Video Ad Platform’ For OTT

Video supply-side platform Telaria has launched what it says is the “first complete video ad management platform” for over-the-top (OTT) TV. Included in the platform is an ad server that's designed for advanced TV, which Telaria defines as OTT or streaming video through a phone, laptop or internet-connected TV, as well as live-data visualization, diagnostics and [...]

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DeepIntent Decides To Take On The Russian Ad Army

This week, DeepIntent is launching a private beta of a new feature called Verified Ads, which checks whether submitted political ads originate from a genuine, US-based advertiser. The company says that, to its knowledge, this is the first verification layer by a DSP to weed out ads by foreign or other mysterious actors, although other kinds of ad quality [...]

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Twitter Will Now Display View Counts For All Videos, Including Ads

Twitter is joining the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in publicly displaying how many views each video on its platform has received.  The announcement was announced on Monday, December 11.  According to a Twitter spokesperson, these view counts appear on both organic videos and video ads, but not on pre-roll ads. 👀 👀 👀 [...]

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LinkedIn Launches Autoplay Mobile Video Ads

LinkedIn announced a closed beta for testing video ad units as Sponsored Content.  The announcement came just two months after enabling native videos in the LinkedIn Feed.  Beta testers include Prudential Financial and Microsoft Canada. The video ads will autoplay and appear as a standalone unit with a "Promoted" label to distinguish them as paid content.  Currently, [...]

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