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Google Tests ‘Curbside Pickup’ Badge For Local Shopping Ads

One area that Google can dangle over Amazon is Local retail. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, Google has been giving local businesses more messaging options, including: Special store hoursPickup and delivery options More in Google My Business.  Google has now enabled "Curbside pickup" badges for Local Inventory Ads. The "Curbside pickup" features has been piloted for [...]

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Reservations, AR Navigation Coming To Google Maps

Soon, Google Maps users will be able to view their flights and hotel reservations directly from the mobile app, and even use augmented reality to direct them as the travel on foot. These features are part of Google’s expanded Maps offerings aimed at travelers. Reservations have a dedicated section in the Google Maps app. Image: Google [...]

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Google Opens Complaint Form To Crack Down On Fake Info In Maps

Google My Business Community Manager, Marissa Nordahl, announced that a new form named the Business Redressal Complaint Form was launched by Google, which will allow searchers and users to “report fraudulent activity relating to businesses Google Maps,” she said. With this form, it can help Google tackle some of the serious issues around bad and fraudulent information on Google Maps.  According [...]

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Google Maps Will Use Crowdsourcing To Identify Wheelchair-Accessible Locations

A new editing feature that crowdsources accessibility details about locations or business listings has been rolled out by Google, which makes it possible for anybody to add details on whether or not a place is wheelchair-accessible. “When you want to share accessibility information about a place or add details about many places quickly, just open Google Maps [...]

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No Way To Schedule Or Automate Google Posts, Yet…

A couple of weeks ago, Google Posts went live, allowing businesses with Google My Business listings to post content directly into their local box in the search results in real-time.  Google Posts requires businesses to manage yet another location for sharing promotions and marketing material. There are those who are wondering if there is a way to [...]

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Google Maps Timeline Finally Comes To iOS

There is a new feature for Google Maps users on iOS, something that has been around for users of desktop and Android users. It's called Timeline, and it was first rolled it out in the summer of 2015. Timeline helps to track all the places you've visited over a specific period of time.  It's a bit like what you [...]

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Google Maps Will Tell You How Hard It Will Be To Find Parking

It's been announced by Google that there is a new version of Google Maps Android App that will now let you know how difficult it is to find parking at our destination.   This is based on predictive data, which is similar to how Google calculates popular times for venues. This new addition was added for 25 metro [...]

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