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Google Is Testing Reporting Security Issue False Positives For Search Console

Google is testing a new feature that lets users request Google review of your site if it was flagged for having a security issue or appears to have been hacked. You can make a request if you feel that Google has made a mistake when identifying your site as having a security issue. Since [...]

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Google Search Now Supports Home Activities Structured Data

The primary use for home activities structured data is the activities that you do when you are home, such as participating in online events and watching videos. Recently, Google has added search developer documentation for this type of structured data. With this, the rich results that users are given will include more detail on the [...]

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Bing Considers Page Quality Before It Is Indexed

Recently, Barry Schwartz asked Bing a question regarding its indexing benchmarks - "Does Bing index everything or does a site or a page have to meet a specific quality threshold for it to be indexed by Bing?" Find Bing's its new webmaster guidelines here. This question was asked during an interview with Christi Olson and Fabrice [...]

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Bing Shopping Has Opened Up To Free Product Listings

In an announcement made on August 17, Microsoft made organic product listings available in the Bing Shopping tab. The company said, "we’re excited to announce the availability of free Product Listings, which allow you to show your product offers for free on the Bing Shopping Tab starting in the USA and soon rolling out to other [...]

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‘People Cards’ Launches In Google Search

On August 11, Google made an announcement saying that it launched public search profile cards for the people in India, and is known as 'people cards.,' and has already started being released for English mobile users in the country. According to the announcement, it's easy to search for a celebrity on Google. The search results [...]

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Google Rich Results Test Tool Gives Support For Article Structured Data

In an announcement, Google said that the rich results test tool is now supporting structured data. Since taking the rich results test out of beta, Google has been adding more features to the tool. By adding structured data to various types of pages, such as news and blog pages, the page's appearance will be [...]

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SEO Checklist: How to Get More Traffic and Rank on Google

Are looking for an SEO checklist that will help you to increase your site's organic traffic and rank on Google? You've come to the right place! This checklist can be used as a reference point for ensuring that your site, whether it’s new or already existing, is on point with the latest best-practices and that [...]

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How Does An SEO Create A Free Server Log Dashboard To Help Understand Incoming Traffic To Your Site?

So you want to create free server logs dashboards? And you want to do it using Elasticsearch? Jean-Christophe Chouinard is here to help SEOs harness some awesome visuals for you! By harnessing the power that comes from something like Elasticsearch, this will help you, the webmaster, better understand incoming traffic coming to your site by [...]

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