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What Works Best for Email Marketing Now?

What works best for email marketing now, and how can email be integrated as part of a content marketing campaign? That’s what we look at in series 2, episode 33 of Marketing Scoop. Have you been thinking that email marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be? Maybe you’ve come to embrace Messenger marketing [...]

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Email Marketing Trends To Expect In 2019

In the the last 40 years that email has been around, there are a number of exciting trends and developments that hit the world of email marketing in 2018, including the emergence of AMP for Gmail to mobile email reaching its long-awaited tipping point. Now that we are officially in 2019 and marketing budgets have "refilled," this is a [...]

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7 Inspiring Email Templates

Email lets marketers not only reach their buyers at a scale of their business, but it forms a critical part of how they create the personalized experience that buyers demand.  Email is the maine vehicle for sharing content, product information, and education with your customers. Although there are many ways to build a good email, [...]

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Email’s Humble Beginnings And The Birth Of Tracking Pixels

One of the oldest original marketing channels around is the email.  Back in 1972, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email as a test message to himself.  This email went from one computer to another one that sat right next to it at a Cambridge, Massachusetts lab.  But these days, email email is celebrating its 40th birthday. [...]

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Sendwithus Launches GDPR-Compliant, Cloud-Based Email CMS

On Tuesday, Sendwithus announced the launch of Dyspatch, which is an enterprise-level, cloud-based and GDPR-compliant email content management system (CMS) for transactional emails.So what is Dyspatch?  It is a CMS platform for email that manages workflow, such as building, editing and commenting from a variety of stakeholders.  Once the email is ready to be deployed, it's “exposed via our API,” [...]

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Google Announces AMP For Email – Delivering Accelerated Mobile Pages Experiences To Your Inbox

On February 13, Google announced, along with the new AMP Story format at its Conference in Amsterdam, a new way for developers to leverage the fast-loading, mobile-friendly AMP framework. Starting the day of the announcement, developers are able to sign up for preview access tot eh AMP for Email spec and begin developing rich, interactive, engaging email experiences within Gmail. [...]

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5 Rules For Writing Effective Onboarding Emails

When it comes to advice for tech marketers, it rarely covers the words they should be using. It's not really that shocking in a business that takes perverse pride in all the jargon, acronyms and quirky branding.  Brent Sleeper, in an article he wrote about how language and content of great onboarding emails, brings his inner [...]

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What Do You Do Now That You Have 50,000+ Email Subscribers?

You've worked long and hard to build up your business online, and now one of the big payoffs for all your work is 50,000+ strong email subscribers.  But are you monetizing your list?  If not, you're missing out on extra money you could be earning. There is a white paper from AdStation that covers several [...]

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