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How to Master Email Marketing

Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email marketing investment, grow and retain your email subscribers, and remain compliant with the ever-changing email regulations? Email marketing is complex. In this video we’re going to show you the solution to these challenges so you can start reaching your audience effectively and hitting your [...]

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BlueVenn Adds Native Email Component To Its CDP Platform

BlueVenn, a customer data platform, is launching an email component to its platform. With this new component available, users will have the ability to create email marketing campaigns without using an external email solution that integrates with the CDP platform. “Email is still a batch and blast marketing tool, disconnected from other online and offline [...]

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Mailchimp Claims Over 60% Share Of Email Industry In Latest Report

The first annual report has been released by Mailchimp since 2016, and it highlights a number of key milestones for the email platform turned all-in-one marketing platform. According to the company, it is claiming a 60.51% share of the email industry, supporting over 12 million customers. Mailchimp's closest competitor controls just 9.52%. Mailchimp, along other email [...]

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Email Marketing: 10 Tips in 60 Seconds

10 Quick Email Marketing Tips: Email is a privilege, not a right Make your emails personal Patience is key Test one element at a time Don't purchase email lists Use segmentation when sending email Email deliverability is not a bad thing Content + audience + timing = success Keep your subject lines short and sweet [...]

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Gmail App Adds AMP For Email Support For Android And iOS

According to Google, the Gmail app for Android and iOS will be rolling out support for AMP for Email, a dynamic content feature that will let users interact directly within emails. This update is available to G Suite editions and will be set to "on" by default. Anybody who views emails through a third-party app will [...]

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Twilio Study Finds Consumers Prefer Email And Text When Communicating With Brands

Twilio, a cloud communications platform, has release a study finding consumers preferred email and text when talking to brands, despite a wide selection of channels. The survey had responses from 2,500 global consumers, saying that, despite negative consumer sentiment towards how businesses approach communications, they are likely to adhere to their preferred channels. “Everyday at [...]

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Email Deliverability Platform 250ok Adds Google Postmaster Tools Integration

Email analytics and delivery platform, 250ok, has integrated Google Postmaster Tools data into its solution. It is able to pull in Google Postmaster data from Gmail across multiple IP addresses and sending domains for deliverability analysis via an API. Google Postmaster Tools, launched in 2015, is a resource for high volume senders to analyze email performance and [...]

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What Works Best for Email Marketing Now?

What works best for email marketing now, and how can email be integrated as part of a content marketing campaign? That’s what we look at in series 2, episode 33 of Marketing Scoop. Have you been thinking that email marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be? Maybe you’ve come to embrace Messenger marketing [...]

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Email Marketing Trends To Expect In 2019

In the the last 40 years that email has been around, there are a number of exciting trends and developments that hit the world of email marketing in 2018, including the emergence of AMP for Gmail to mobile email reaching its long-awaited tipping point. Now that we are officially in 2019 and marketing budgets have "refilled," this is a [...]

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