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Google Search Now Supports Home Activities Structured Data

The primary use for home activities structured data is the activities that you do when you are home, such as participating in online events and watching videos. Recently, Google has added search developer documentation for this type of structured data. With this, the rich results that users are given will include more detail on the [...]

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How to Rank on YouTube

In This SEMrush video, Luke Sherran shares 10 tips that can really help you improve the visibility of your videos in search. But on top of that, he also shares a key point that a lot of video marketers don’t tell you, and this could make a huge difference to how your channel performs.

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YouTube Brings Products To YouTube For Action Ads

According to YouTube, the number of advertisers using TrueView for action has increased over 260% last year. The company is now bringing product selection to these ads. E-commerce advertisers can show products in their TrueView for action ads in this brand new test. When the users click on the expansion arrow in a TrueView for [...]

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YouTube Viewership is Up, But YouTubers Are Earning Less Money

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube viewership is on the rise, but it isn't translating into greater earnings for video creators. Last week, the New York Times reported that YouTube went up 15%. The same reason why YouTube traffic is up is also the same reason why YouTubers aren't making as much money despite the [...]

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Google Showing ‘Key Moments’ Feature On Multiple Videos In Search Results

Google’s “key moments” feature, also known as “in this video,” is now showing on more than one video in mobile search results. The feature can now be hid and expanded as well. It previously appeared only on the first video listing. Australian SEO consultant Brodie Clark spotted the change Tuesday. Key moments distinguishes different sections of [...]

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Google Search Is Showing YouTube Music Links On Album Queries

On Friday, Reddit user Bing_Me said in a post that Google Search is now showing links to listen to albums on YouTube Music. If you bring up this in mobile search results, the link appears in the "Listen" carousel of streaming music services. On desktop search results, it appears within a list of streaming services in [...]

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