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YouTube Video Marketing: $10/day Video Ads

In this video, you will see SEMrush's $10/day budget strategy for video ads and then show you how to set up your 1st video. You also learn the difference between a remarketing list & a video remarketing list and how a video remarketing list costs a fraction of your ‘normal’ remarketing.

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YouTube Video Marketing: 60-Second Video Ads

Now it’s time to create your video ad. For that, you need to write a script so that the message comes across and you say all the important things you need to say in your video ad. Here is the template for creating your 60-seconds video ad: Hook / Problem Quick Intro Solution / Proof [...]

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How You Can Make The Most Of Your YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube videos are a great part of marketing for you business, and if you aren't already using the platform, you should really consider it. Researchers have found that a majority of consumers (81 percent) have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. The latest  State of Video Marketing Survey found that a [...]

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YouTube Updates ‘Strikes System’ To Warn Creators First When Their Content Breaks The Rules

An update has been made to the penalty system for creators by YouTube who break content policies.  Beginning on February 25, any creator who violates content rules will first receive a warning before getting a strike, and the offending content will be removed.  There won't be any other penalty on the channel. According to YouTube, 94 percent [...]

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YouTube Lets Some Advertisers Buy Masthead Ads On CPM Basis

YouTube is now testing a new way for advertisers to purchase masthead ads.  On Tuesday, the company said that it is experimenting with allowing advertisers to purchase the ads displayed at the top of its home feed through a cost per thousand (CPM) buying model, rather than the standard cost per day by country purchasing terms. [...]

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Now Your Google Text Ads Can Show On YouTube Search Results, Too

With new features coming out, such as location extensions and calls-to-action in TrueView for Action Ads, YouTube ads have been gaining performance elements that are native to traditional Search advertising.  On Wednesday, YouTube announced at SMX West in San Jose that Search text ads can extend onto YouTube now. The big change here is that Google is now incorporating YouTube into its [...]

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25 Tools To Streamline YouTube SEO Optimization

It's known that video streaming services and social media platforms move quit a lot of traffic, and videos are moving slowly but surely to the front and center as the most popular form of online content.  The spread of video content is being helped by being made more accessible by the widespread use of mobile [...]

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YouTube Now Counts ‘Engagement’ For YouTube For Action Ads At 10 Seconds, Not 30

YouTube announced that it is changing the attribution criteria for TrueView for action video ads.  TrueView for action ads have been designed for performance advertisers and feature call-to-action banners at the base of the video ads. There are two key attribution points that are changing: YouTube will now count an ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 [...]

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