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Polished Microsoft News App Joins Rivals Google And Apple News

  The Redmond, Washington company, Microsoft is launching new apps and a range of new desktop news experiences, called Microsoft News, on MSN, the Edge browser and other Microsoft properties. With this new experience, it is a mix of publisher partnerships, algorithms and human editorial curation.  These experiences not only seem to be well-designed apps that appear [...]

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Amazon In Deal With Marriott To Make Alexa A ‘Virtual Concierge’ In Hotel Rooms

  In an announcement made by Amazon, the company has made a deal with Marriott hotels to put Echo devices in rooms to act as a “virtual concierge.”  A new service has been in testing by Marriott that they call “Alexa for Hospitality.”  This service lets hotel customers order room service, contact housekeeping for additional towels, check out [...]

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Google Updates Mobile-Friendly Test, Rich Results Test Tools To Better Support JavaScript Sites

Recently, Google updated the  mobile-friendly test and the rich results test to better support JavaScript sites.  Google posted a Tweet saying that you will now see rendered HTML, console log, exceptions and slack traces. In other words, those who build sites using JabaScript, AJAX and other types of JavaScript frameworks will be able to debug their sites better with these tools. [...]

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Voice Usage on Mobile Devices is Growing: Here’s Why

On a modern ship, the captain controls the vessel with voice commands to the engine room. Thanks to voice-enabled devices such as smartphones and smart speakers, we can control our homes, get information, and perform many tasks with voice, too. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple's Eric [...]

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The First Batch Of Google Mobile-First Indexing Notifications Gets Released

After months after Google announced the rollout of the mobile-first indexing process, webmaster and SEOs have begun getting notifications via Google Search Console of their sites being "enabled" for mobile-first indexing. It says in the notification that "mobile-first indexing enabled for" and specifies the domain name of the site it was enabled for.  Ari Finkelstein shared a screen of [...]

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EU Commissioner: Two Remaining Antitrust Cases Against Google ‘Advancing’

Although Google's appeal of the 2.9 billion (€2.4 billion) fine imposed by the European Commission in 2017 is moving forward, EU Competition Commissioner Magrethe Vestager told colleagues that the other two antitrust cases against Google were “advancing.” This is based on a report from Reuters. The two cases are exclusivity provisions in Google AdSense agreements and app-install requirements in Android-OEM contracts. Although the "search [...]

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Google Officially Rolls Out ‘More Results’ Search Button On Mobile

The "More results search button has been officially launched by Google for mobile, making it possible for additional search results to load beyond the first set of results displayed. The announcement was made through Twitter from the Google’s @SearchLiason account, which confirmed that the new "More results" button is going to replace the previous "Next" button that would [...]

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Apple Hires Google AI Chief John Giannandrea Away From Google

It was reported earlier this week that there was a personnel change within Google's search organization.  Ben Gomes is now in charge of all search, and Jeff Dean took over Google Brain and AI.  This is because the former Google SVP of Engineering John Giannandrea has moved to Apple to run AI efforts there. Giannandrea “will run Apple’s machine [...]

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