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Google’s ‘Duplex on the web’ Enables The Assistant To Buy Movie Tickets For You

Google is going to make it possible to buy movie tickets online using the Assistant (via Duplex). The company announced it was expanding the AI-powered Duplex beyond restaurant reservations to booking rental cars and buying movie tickets at Google I/O back in May. Users will have the ability to use the Google Assistant for new reservation and purchase [...]

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Top 10 CMS Features to Increase Traffic & Revenue from Mobile, Schemas, Voice, and Direct Answers

Whether you have a hotel website, retail store page, restaurant website, auto dealer site, banking site, healthcare site or corporate site – there are key elements you can leverage to drive more organic traffic. Discover how key features in your content management system (CMS) can help maximize your website’s revenue for next-generation SEO, mobile technology, [...]

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Facebook Testing Ads In Groups tab

Facebook is trying out ad placements in the Groups tab, which would allow users to view content from all the Groups they belong to. Currently, the test includes a small number of advertisers who have access to the new inventory within the Ad Manager. It is possible for these advertisers to extend mobile News Feed [...]

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Google Beefs Up Mobile App Insights With New AdMob API

Google's AdMob is being upgraded its reporting an analytics for mobile publishers and developers. A new API is being rolled out, which provides publishers with more accurate insights into user behavior, ad performance and revenue. From within the AdMob dashboard, users can see metrics like estimated earnings in a more granular way: By AppAd unitFormatCountry [...]

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Google Search Lets You Swipe Left And Right On Shows And Movies

On September 5, Google announced an update to how Google is presenting movies and TV shows in the mobile search results for the upcoming fall season. This updated interface is more graphical and interactive, and lets you have more fun swiping through entertainment options from your mobile searches. When you search for things like “good shows [...]

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Facebook Rolls Out Automated Lead Generation Feature For Messenger To All Advertisers

Facebook's automated lead generation feature is being released for Messenger, which was announced in May to all advertisers. This offering will give businesses the ability to create an automated question and answer experience within Messenger. This feature will launch via Facebook's click-to-Messenger ads for Facebook News Feed. This is how it works: When a users clicks on [...]

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Twitter Introduces 6-Second Viewable Video Ad Bids

Twitter is rolling out a new video ad bidding option that lets advertisers run 15-second or shorter video ads, but only be charged if the ad is viewed for 6 seconds with pixels at 50% in-view. Twitter called it a “Flexible option for advertisers who care about the completed view metric, but are ready to [...]

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Google Search Results Not Fully Rendering For Many Searchers

As of July 24, there was widespread complaints in the Google forums bout the search results not fully rendering when somebody performs a search. This even affected users on mobile as well. Google had confirmed that the company was working on a fix to the problem. At 3:30pm on the 24th, Google posted this tweet: [...]

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Google Expands App Campaigns Search Inventory On iOS Browsers

An announcement by Google has been made saying that the App ads will appear on more iOS mobile web browser searches. Because of this, campaign reports will even include installs and in-app conversion events from iOS browsers. App advertisers don't have to do anything to gain access to this new ad inventory, as anyone with [...]

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