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EU Commissioner: Two Remaining Antitrust Cases Against Google ‘Advancing’

Although Google's appeal of the 2.9 billion (€2.4 billion) fine imposed by the European Commission in 2017 is moving forward, EU Competition Commissioner Magrethe Vestager told colleagues that the other two antitrust cases against Google were “advancing.” This is based on a report from Reuters. The two cases are exclusivity provisions in Google AdSense agreements and app-install requirements in Android-OEM contracts. Although the "search [...]

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Google Officially Rolls Out ‘More Results’ Search Button On Mobile

The "More results search button has been officially launched by Google for mobile, making it possible for additional search results to load beyond the first set of results displayed. The announcement was made through Twitter from the Google’s @SearchLiason account, which confirmed that the new "More results" button is going to replace the previous "Next" button that would [...]

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Apple Hires Google AI Chief John Giannandrea Away From Google

It was reported earlier this week that there was a personnel change within Google's search organization.  Ben Gomes is now in charge of all search, and Jeff Dean took over Google Brain and AI.  This is because the former Google SVP of Engineering John Giannandrea has moved to Apple to run AI efforts there. Giannandrea “will run Apple’s machine [...]

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Mobile Speed Case Studies: Push For Faster Page Loads

Recently, Google announced a new mobile ranking algorithm, which is being called the "speed update."  According to the search engine, the speed update is will “only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users and only affect a small percentage of queries.” It's important to state that speed is already a big part of the mobile [...]

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Google Begins Rolling Out Mobile-First Index To More Sites

In an announcement by Google, it began the process of rolling out the mobile-first index to more sites.  According to the search engine, the rollout is only for those sites “follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing.” This marks the first time that Google confirmed that it is moving a large number of sites to this mobile-first indexing process.  Last October, Google [...]

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With Game Apps In Mind, Google Announces Universal App Campaign & AdMob Monetization Updates

Google has announced a number of app promotion and monetization initiatives for game app developers on March 15.  The announcements were made before the Game Developer Conference, and included updates for Universal App Campaigns, new rewarded ad experiences and a monetization test for apps on AdMob, which is Google's in-app ad network. The company said [...]

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Once A Competitive Advantage, Siri Now Seen As Liability For Apple

Currently, there seems to be a perception that the mediocrity of Siri these days is putting Apple's smartphone leadership at risk.  This perception can, and is having an impact on sales of Apple's smart speaker, HomePod, which has been given a fairly lackluster amount of reviews due to Siri's functionality There is an article on [...]

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Chat Rate Is The New CTR For AdWords Message Extensions

Back in October of 2016, Google rolled out its click-to-message AdWords extension, which was similar to call extensions.  With Message extensions, users were able to message a business directly from the ad. Now, Google has announced formal reporting for messaging.  It will become available in the next few weeks in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia and Brazil.  [...]

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New Forrester Report Lays Out Priorities For Mobile Marketers

Last week, Forrester found that mobile marketers are increasingly dazzled by an increase of new technology to the point that it could be hampering their intended mobile strategies. In the report, The 2018 Mobile and New Technology Priorities for Marketers: Why Marketers Must Keep Their Mobile Basics, it was found that emerging technology, like chatbots, AI and the [...]

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