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Change Log: Google Updated Its Search Quality Rater Guidelines

On September 5, Google updated its Search Quality Rater Guidelines. This update was brought to the attention of the SEO community from SEM consultant Mari Haynes in a tweet. This version places more emphasis on vetting news sources as well as YMYL content and its creators. It expands the basis for which a rater might [...]

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Google Moves To Simplify, Standardize Content Policies For Publishers

Google is changing up how it presents publisher content policies, and is also standardizing content polices and restrictions across AdSense, AdMob and Ad Manager. The company's content policies are going to be divided into two categories - Google Publisher Policies and Google Publisher Restrictions. The Google Publisher Policies page outlines the types of content that [...]

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3 Unique Ways to Come Up with Content Ideas

Today SEMrush is going to be talking about the concept of ideation. Now, if you are an agency person, and I say the ideation, you are just going to shrug your shoulders and think nothing of it. However, if you are not from agency land, you are probably just sucking your mouth right there. But [...]

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How You Can Make The Most Of Your YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube videos are a great part of marketing for you business, and if you aren't already using the platform, you should really consider it. Researchers have found that a majority of consumers (81 percent) have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. The latest  State of Video Marketing Survey found that a [...]

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Use This Method to Start Writing Content Faster

There are some folks out there that who seem to be natural at writing content.  They're able to beautifully articulate their words that allows them to no only inform, but engage and persuade the readers that come across their work. But there are others who don't seem so gifted at writing, and when they write, [...]

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The Brand Storytelling Genius Of The Coca-Cola Santa

Images courtesy of Coca-Cola Santa has had quite an adventure of the years.  Santa has even traded in his sleigh once a year since 1995 for a Coca-Cola truck and tours the UK, where he shares the soft drink that have become closely associated with the winter holidays.  But due to pressure from [...]

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Who Authors Your Content Matters: Here’s Why

Google seems to be showing interest in the authors of web content once again. Does that mean it's now an SEO ranking factor? In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Mark Traphagen explores the evidence and gives you the real reasons it matters who authors your content.

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