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An Infographic Guide To Social Media Image Sizes In 2020

In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of businesses want to be able to maximize their online presence, as it is the best chance they have to stay in business. With so many fighting to be seen by consumers, this means there is a lot more competition than there ever was. Since this [...]

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WordPress 5.4 Will Add Lazy-Loading to All Images

In an announcement made by WordPress, WordPress 5.4 could feature image lazy-loading by default, which enables the "loading" HTML attribute on all IMG elements. WordPress publishers will not have to use JavaScript or third party plugins for lazy-loading their images. The lazy-loading HTML attribute tells a browser to wait before downloading an image, or to [...]

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Google’s John Mueller on Optimizing Images for Search Results

In this installment of Ask Google Webmasters, John Mueller goes over a series of tips on optimizing images for search results. Mueller, before talking about the technical details of image optimization, asks site owners to take a step back and take a look at the larger picture. Basically, don't optimize images just for the sake [...]

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Google Showing Product Availability Markup In Image Search Results

On Google's image search results page, the company is displaying the availability of products to users. This was spotted by Frank Sandtmann, a Hamburg-based digital marking consultant. He noticed that the feature was in English, German and Polish image search results. The image search results for the query “rpg dice.” Powered by product Schema markup, product [...]

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Now Live: Google 3D Images And AR Integration In Mobile Search

A few weeks ago, Google had announced at its Google I/O event about its support for 3D images and AR within search. This feature is no live and available for use. Searches are able to search for objects such as [shark], [lion], [panda], [alligator] and the such. When users perform these searches, they can see [...]

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Yoast Adds Image And Video Schema With 11.1 Update

With Yoast's 11.1 SEO plugin update, image and video Schema enhancements have been implemented into their service. Even though it won't necessarily improve your ranking by adding Schema, it can at least enhance the way your results appear. Google is showing more images in web search results, which means that if you add the appropriate [...]

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Is Google Image Search Launching New Design For Image Preview?

It seems that Google is rolling out a new design for the previews within image search results.  When clicking on an image, rather than loading the preview in a black background frame, Google now displays the image preview on the right-hand side.  There are several folks who are seeing this design and interface.  When testing [...]

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Earned Media Platform Cision Adds Image Tracking With ShareIQ Purchase

Recently, Cision announced its recent acquisition of Berlin-based visual content performance platform ShareIQ provides with the technology to offer the first earned media platform that tracks visual well as textual content. Cision’s platform originally tracked tracked image performance for brands, based on text associated with the image via social media hashtags or written metadata. It did not [...]

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