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An Infographic Guide To Social Media Image Sizes In 2020

In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of businesses want to be able to maximize their online presence, as it is the best chance they have to stay in business. With so many fighting to be seen by consumers, this means there is a lot more competition than there ever was. Since this [...]

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Google’s Diversity Update Gives Smaller Sites a Chance to Rank

There has been a study done on the effect of Google's diversity update that concludes that smaller sites have a great chance to rank for competitive keywords. Google’s diversity update, which rolled out in June, aims to limit the number of times a domain can appear in a single SERP. Google said that no more than [...]

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Monetize Your WordPress Website

This episode of “Indian Search Marketing Academy” is dedicated to the topic of how to monetize your WordPress website. Nitin Manchanda hosted JVivek Ahlawat and Kulwant Nagi, they conducted a 360-degree tutorial for an intermediate and advanced audience.

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Google: We Don’t Evaluate a Site’s Authority

According to John Mueller, Google doesn't specifically measure the authority of a website. This information came from a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout. During the hangout, Meuller was asked how a site can increase its authority. The webmaster who asked the question said that their site lost a good amount of organic traffic following the [...]

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SEJ: How to Take Your Website Beyond Fast

Slow sites frustrate consumers. Frustration costs money. To delight consumers, beat competitors, and to please Google, your site will need to load in under a second. And you'll need to get there fast, otherwise, your competitors might beat you to the finish line. Sound impossible? Web performance is no longer an art, but a science. [...]

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What Is Slowing Down Your Website

Website loading Speed is one of the most important aspects of web businesses these days. Slow websites suffer search ranking penalties, a decrease in traffic, and worse conversion rates. Unfortunately, a lot of website owners do not focus on speed as much as they should. It is mostly due to lack of knowledge on what [...]

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The 90 Day Challenge To Build The Authority Of Your Website

The higher the authority of your domain and pages on your domain the easier it is to grow your traffic. If you just had 90 days to build that authority what would you do? In this SEMrush webinar, we'll go through a brief presentation followed by a discussion with some SEO and traffic experts on [...]

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How Many Pages Should My Website Have? (Really)

So an SEO walks into a store to buy a pair of pants... Hey, that's not just any SEO, that's our CEO and lead author of The Art of SEO Eric Enge. And that pants salesman looks suspiciously like Stone Temple Senior Consultant Brian Weiss. Anyway, Eric just wants a simple pair of pants, but [...]

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