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Google Search Console Begins Rolling Out Speed Report

Six months ago, Google started to test a new speed report within Google Search Console, and now, the report is starting to roll out publicly to all Search Console users. The announcement was made on November 4. The "Speed" reports, which can be found under "Enhancements" in Google Search Console, helps webmasters to quickly locate the [...]

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Screaming Frog Releases SEO Spider Version 12.0

Screaming Frog, a search marketing firm, has released version 12.0 of its popular SEO Spider tool on October 22. In this update, you'll find PageSpeed Insights integration, auto-saves for database storage mode and a customizable GUI, along with other improvements. Website crawler tools are a valuable resource for analyzing sites, understanding how search engine crawlers navigate [...]

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SEJ: How to Take Your Website Beyond Fast

Slow sites frustrate consumers. Frustration costs money. To delight consumers, beat competitors, and to please Google, your site will need to load in under a second. And you'll need to get there fast, otherwise, your competitors might beat you to the finish line. Sound impossible? Web performance is no longer an art, but a science. [...]

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There’s A New Speed Report Coming To Google Search Console

During Google I/O, Google announced that they are testing a new Speed Report within Google Search Console that is powered off of CrUX data. This report will give an aggregated view over your web site field metrics. You will able able to drill down into specific issues, as well as see specific examples of those [...]

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Google PageSpeeds Insights Tool Gets A Major Update With More Data From Lighthouse

A new update to Google's PageSpeed Insights tool has been quietly rolled out, which is the first large update since January 2018 when Google began using real user data from the Chrome browser to measure page speed of a site.  With this update brings Lighthouse, a speed tool from Google, as its analysis engine, and also incorporates field data provided [...]

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Google Search Console Is Sending Notices For Slow Loading Pages

Google is sending a new type of notification out to those who have verified properties in Google Search Console.  These messages inform site owners about pages that are really slow and take too long to load. Oliver H.G. Mason posted a screenshot of this message on Twitter: ########## N E W ########## ########## P O S [...]

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How To Increase Your PageSpeed In WordPress

We've heard about Google's thoughts on PageSpeed, and we all know that as a metric, it's really important from both an SEO and usability standpoint.  Although WordPress isn't the only thing out there on the web, it does power over almost 60 percent (59.3%) of the web.  Google even has dedicated an engineering team to work [...]

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3 Free Tools To Comprehensively Test Page Speed

Fast sites are an important thing to have, since a fast site is rewarded with improved search engine optimization (SEO).  These types of sites have the ability to drive both more visits and ultimately conversions.  The more people who visits your site will lead to more sales, signups or traffic in general. But with the [...]

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