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Using STAT for Content Strategy – Whiteboard Friday

Today's search results are sophisticate enough to show the content they are looking for, but in the format they want as well.  Identifying searcher intent and interested soley off of ranking results can be a powerful driver of content strategy.  in this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Dana DiTomaso describes her preferred tools and methods for [...]

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How to Get More Keyword Metrics for Your Target Keywords

You've been around the SEO block a few times, you'll remember the day [not provided] was introduced.  This was a dark day because SEOs seemed to lose a vast amount of trusty information, click data and conversions.  This sort of information allowed SEOs to prioritize their targets. According to Google, this information was removed for security purposes.  [...]

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How to Improve Your Link Building Outreach Pipeline

One of the more challenging parts of SEO is Link building, and if you add multiple clients to the mix, as well as managing the link outreach  process, things can get crazy really quick.  When your knee deep in a number of outreach campaigns, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts, [...]

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Ranking the 6 Most Accurate Keyword Difficulty Tools

At the beginning of this year, a massive organic keyword targeting campaign was started by Brafton, and amounted to over 90,000 words of blog content being published It seemed to work as the number of total keywords that were ranked for doubled in less than six months.  By utilizing Brafton's advanced keyword research and topic writing [...]

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The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

In life, everybody starts somewhere.  This includes learning to walk, talk, ride a bike, get a job and everything else in life.  If you get into the SEO business, there are plenty of first times there too.  One of these firsts is your experience with Google Analytics, and everybody has had to go through learning [...]

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Check Your Local Business Listings in the UK

We all should have an idea who and what Moz is right?  After all, they are one of the biggest names in SEO and online marketing there is.  But for those who still aren't in the know, Moz is a software service company that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions. The thing is, [...]

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