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LinkedIn Job Search App Makes Its Arrival On Android

Over the last year, Linked in has been doing more to divide themselves into various more-targeted apps.  The first app to come as a standalone was the Sales Navigator, then the Job Search for iOS.  The newest thing that Android users get is LinkedIn Jobs, right in the palm of your hand. So what does this new [...]

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LinkedIn Adds Notification Center To Company Pages

Do you use the business social network, LinkedIn?  If so, you may have noticed a cool upgrade this week.  The network launched a notification center for LinkedIn company pages. With this new page, social media managers can now: Get an aggregated overview of how many likes, comments, and shares you’ve received on Company Page updates and [...]

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10 Essential LinkedIn Tips, Tools, and Strategies You Need to Know

LinkedIn is a popular business-oriented social networking service that is used for professional networking among it's users.  For those who want to make use of this network, you want to be sure you've completed your entire profile, created the necessary company pages, participated throughout the network, and so and so forth.  But there's still so much [...]

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LinkedIn Paid Ads: A Beginner’s Guide

When you think of digital advertising, what sort of outlet do think of?  AdWords?  YouTube videos?  Facebook ads?  There are quite a few ways to can spend your digital advertising budget.  I'm sure many of you of thought the most obvious outlets, such as AdWords, but have  you thought about using LinkedIn? If you advertise [...]

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Using LinkedIn Ads To Take Your Brand To A New Level

All businesses want to be seen.  But how do they get seen?  They have to produce advertisements so that potential customers will come to them and buy what the company is selling.  In this age, any business that knows the potential of the internet, or more specifically, the search industry, knows that utilizing paid ads [...]

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