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LinkedIn Looks To Improve Ad Targeting, Attribution Capabilities With Drawbridge Acquisition

On Tuesday, LinkedIn announced that it entered a deal to acquire Drawbridge, a platform that uses AI and machine learning technology to provide marketing, customer experience and security solutions. With Drawbridge's technology added to the mix, LinkedIn aims to boos ad engagement and ROI for marketers. According to a LinkedIn spokesperson, when integrated into the [...]

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LinkedIn Gives SEO Tips for Boosting Visibility of Company Pages

A series of SEO tips for getting company pages found in search engines has been published by LinkedIn. So, if your LinkedIn page hasn't been ranking well, you may want to think about using these suggestions to boost its viability. Keywords According to LinkedIn, it's a good idea to start using keyword research and incorporating [...]

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LinkedIn Taps Bing Search Data For Interest Targeting

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, is expanding its interest targeting capability with Bing search data. Bing recently began incorporating LinkedIn data for search ad targeting and now we’re seeing search data being used for targeting on LinkedIn for the first time since Microsoft acquired the B2B social network in 2016. With this expansion into interest targeting capability, advertisers will be [...]

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Advanced Targeting on LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox

AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn ads expert and founder of They are an ad agency that only handles LinkedIn ads. He gets asked a lot about how do he use audience targeting on LinkedIn ads to get better performance as well as lower costs, so he will show you that in this video. When [...]

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LinkedIn Brings Dynamic Ads Into Campaign Manager Platform

Back in July, LinkedIn launched a newly redesigned Campaign Manager platform.  Now, the company is bringing its Dynamic Ad product to the newly overhauled ad management tool. Any business that runs Dynamic Ads on LinkedIn can now create, manage and track campaigns through the Campaign Manager platform. LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads run on the professional networking site’s desktop feed and are customized [...]

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LinkedIn Rolls Out Sponsored Content Carousel Ads That Can Include Up To 10 Customized, Swipeable Cards

On June 12, LinkedIn rolled out new Sponsored Content carousel ads that can include up to 10 customized, swipeable cards. According to the company, the new ads will allow brands to "add texture" to their LinkedIn campaigns by featuring multiple visuals, that are arranged in a horizontal fashion, that viewers can swipe through in their [...]

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LinkedIn Launches Autoplay Mobile Video Ads

LinkedIn announced a closed beta for testing video ad units as Sponsored Content.  The announcement came just two months after enabling native videos in the LinkedIn Feed.  Beta testers include Prudential Financial and Microsoft Canada. The video ads will autoplay and appear as a standalone unit with a "Promoted" label to distinguish them as paid content.  Currently, [...]

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