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Do You Still Need A PPC Tool With The New Google Ads?

It can be pretty easy to assume that Google and Bing are automating PPC pros right out of relevance.  With basic PPC tasks, they can now happen with very little human intervention through the Google and Bing interfaces to the point where even a novice PPC manager can create and launch pretty good campaigns. That's [...]

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Bing Ads Editor Now Supports In-Market Audiences

Bing Ads has made it possible for advertisers to manage in-market audiences in Bing Ads Editor. In-market audiences, currently available only in the US, are groups of people who are deemed to be in the process of making a purchase in a particular product or service category.  Numerous purchase intent signals from Bing, MSN and other Microsoft [...]

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Bing Ads Now Supports Language Targeting At The Campaign Level

Bing Ads announced Wednesday that advertisers can now target multiple languages at the campaign level.  This will be a helpful update for global advertisers that don't break out language targeting in separate campaigns. Bing Ads previously supported language targeting at the ad group level.  In a nutshell, settings had to be carried through to multiple ad groups.  [...]

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Bing Finally Releases AMP Viewer For News Stories In Mobile Search

On Monday, Bing announced the release of the Bing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) viewer.  The release of the AMP viewer gives Bing mobile searchers to access AMP-enabled pages from the search results. Currently, AMP pages are available in the news carousel in the US.  It will roll out to other countries in the coming months.  It will [...]

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Bing Shuts Down Public URL Submission Tool

Bing made an announcement that it is shutting down its anonymous submit URL tool, which would let anybody submit any URL on the web for submission into the Bing search index.  It was only a few months ago when their public URL tool was shut down. Bing said you can still use Bing Webmaster Tools to submit your own URLs. [...]

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The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 5

As you can tell by the title of this post there are four previous parts of an ongoing series written by Christi Olson, where she reviews the free tools Bing makes available to all webmasters once you've created, logged in and verified your Bing Webmaster Account. Every time you log in, you'll have access to meaty data and [...]

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Bing Maps Adds Build And Share Your Itinerary

It has been announced by Bing that within Bing Maps, it's now possible to build and share your itinerary for upcoming vacations for trips.  In Bing Maps, you can take pre-designed itineraries and customize them for your own trip. As an example, you can search on Bing Maps for [3 day Boston itinerary], and you'll get the [...]

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