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Why Did Google Drop Bing Discover Pages From Its Index

In early July, Google dropped a subset of Bing's website from its index. The Bing Discover pages were dropped out of Google's search results completely, resulting in a lose of millions of pageviews from Google searches for Bing. The following screenshot is of Google showing no results from Bing Discover for a command. SEMrush is [...]

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Bing Showing A Streamlined Recipe Carousel In Search Results

It looks like Bing is testing our introducing a different way of showing rich results on desktop. For recipe related queries, Bing is displaying a carousel that features just three recipes initially. It lets users filter results by total time and other nutrition criteria, but doesn't immediately show the option to compare recipes. Some people [...]

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Ad Customizers Are Now Available In All Microsoft Advertising Accounts

Ad customizers have been in Google Ads for a while now, but now, advertisers can use them in their Microsoft Advertising campaigns too. Microsoft Advertising announced Wednesday that ad customizers are now available to all advertisers globally. Using ad customizer lets you dynamically retailer your ad copy based on attributes defined in a feed. With [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Says It’s Keeping Average Position Reporting

Microsoft Advertising has added the position-based impression share metrics that Google introduced last fall. It seems that, according to Microsoft Advertising, the average position reporting will be sticking around, unlike Google. Now called prominence metrics, instead of share of voice, in Microsoft Advertising, the set of six new stats are available at the campaign, ad and [...]

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Price Extensions Now Supported In Microsoft Advertising Editor

A little over a year ago, price extensions were launched in Microsoft Advertising, which allowed advertisers to show products and pricing in text ads in mobile and desktop search results. You are now able to manage those extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor. This means that it's possible to mange them in bulk and more quickly [...]

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Local Inventory Ads Rolling Out Of Beta In Microsoft Advertising

In the early parts of June, Local Inventory ads (LIAs) is coming out of beta in Microsoft Advertising accounts. These Local Inventory ads work just like Google Ads. When users search for a product, nearby retailers will be eligible to show ads for relevant inventory in stock in their nearby locations. LIAs feature an "in [...]

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Bing Ads Launches New Action Extensions To Highlight Calls-To-Action

Bing Ads has released a brand new ad extension out into the wild. Action extensions launched globally in all supported languages Wednesday and are available on desktop and mobile devices. The action extensions feature one of 70 pre-defined calls-to-action. When on the desktop, action extensions will show up as a button to the right of the [...]

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Bing Ads Bad Account Takedowns Doubled In 2018

In 2018, Bing Ads had doubled the number of accounts that it took down year over year, and suspended almost 200,000 accounts.  Bing Ads even removed 900 million ads and 300,000 sites from their platform, according to its annual report on ad quality. Bing has paid close attention to its clean up efforts last year, focusing on [...]

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LinkedIn Taps Bing Search Data For Interest Targeting

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, is expanding its interest targeting capability with Bing search data. Bing recently began incorporating LinkedIn data for search ad targeting and now we’re seeing search data being used for targeting on LinkedIn for the first time since Microsoft acquired the B2B social network in 2016. With this expansion into interest targeting capability, advertisers will be [...]

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Bing Upgrades Text-To-Speech, Expands Intelligent Answers, Improves Visual Search

Bing has announced large upgrades to their text-to-speech capabilities in voice search, visual search capabilities and improvements to their intelligent answers. According to the company, Bing's intelligent answers are smarter by leveraging their own deep learning models.  Bing says that they are able to answer "harder questions than ever before"by being able to use advancements in GPU [...]

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