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Bing Ads Improves Search Term Reporting

It seems that Bing Ads has improved search terms reporting by providing more data, as well as the ability to track more campaigns.  Advertisers using Bing Ads are now able to utilize the platform's search terms management capabilities with shopping campaigns. With search terms management, advertisers are able to specify which keywords to track with respect to [...]

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DuckDuckGo Is Growing Fast But Not Enough To Grab SEOs’ Attention

DuckDuckGo announced last month that it exceeded 9 billion searches in 2018.  Compare that wit h 4 billion in 2016, and that's a nice jump in just a few years.  But to compare, Google sees over a trillion searches a year globally. Because privacy has become such an issue lately, this has helped DuckDuckGo's popularity rise over [...]

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Why Bing Continues To Innovate As A Search Engine

We spend a lot of time focused on innovations at Google, but we should never forget that one of the drivers of innovation is competition. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge explains how Bing continues to drive innovation in search engine technology and application.

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Bing Ads Will Serve All Yahoo Search Ads In New Microsoft-Verizon Media Deal

On January 17, Microsoft and Verizon announced an update to the partnership that has long existed in various iterations between Yahoo, AOL and Bing search ad networks. Verizon-owned AOL and Yahoo are both under the ownership of Verizon Media Group, which used to be known as Oath.  Microsoft and Yahoo has had a somewhat convoluted and sometimes strained partnership since 2009. [...]

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Bing Ads’ AI-Powered Performance Insights Now Available Globally

On January 7, Bing Ads announced the general availability of Performance Insights its native analytics and recommendation tool for identifying anomalies and changes in ad performance. The tool, which utilizes machine learning, analyzes a user's account performance data and that of their competitors to detect significant or unexpected changes in performance. Bing Ads will display a performance [...]

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