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Inbound Reporting Podcast Episode 2: Mapping Your Customer Journey

Welcome back to the Inbound Reporting podcast, HubSpot Academy’s miniseries covering the ins and outs of good reporting behaviors. Here, your hosts, Jorie Munroe and Nakul Kadaba will talk to the experts about how to set yourself up for success when it comes to the flywheel, goals, reporting and everywhere in between. In this episode, [...]

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Acast Open Launches To Give Brands An On-Ramp To Podcasting

Acast, the podcasting platform, has launched Acast Open, which now makes it s podcast production offerings available to any brand or publisher wanting to start up a podcast. Acast Open has three different subscription models: StarterInfluencerAce Each model has different levels of support and analytics. According to Adobe Analytics, the podcast app usage grew 60% [...]

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Shutterstock’s New Music Subscription Offers Affordable Music Licensing For Content Creators

Shutterstock has launched an unlimited music subscription plan for content content creators and digital marketers. This subscription contains over 11,000 tracks that can be used in web-based content, such as podcasts, YouTube videos and conference presentations. This service will cost $149 a month, and will include access to the Shutterstock Music library with music tracks [...]

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Google Adds Playable Podcasts Directly In The Search Results

Google has announced that you are now able to play podcasts directly in the desktop and mobile search results. Google said, “Starting today, when you’re searching for a podcast about a topic on Google, we’ll show you playable episodes in Search results alongside web pages, news, images and videos.” Here are some screen shots of this [...]

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How to Leverage Your Podcast Guest and Audience’s Connections

Recently, a poll was conducted during one of Kelsey Jones's (from Search Engine Journal) recent webinars about harnessing your podcast network, and the results showed that about 27% of the attendees have a podcast, while 50% are planning on creating one. It isn't surprising to see these numbers, as podcasts and other audio/video content has grown [...]

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