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10 Facts About Rich Results That All SEOs Should Know

Beginning December 19, 2017, “rich results” is the new name for all of Google's special search results features and enhancements, including rich snippets, rich cards and enriched results. These terms aren't new to marketers.  They're intended to make search results stand out by incorporating additional information in the form of pictures, review stars and so forth. [...]

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Google Launches New Rich Results Testing Tool With Some Rebranding

In an announcement mad by Google, a new version of a structured data testing tool for rich results has been launched, and can be found at According to the company, both rich snippets, rich cards or enriched results will be called "Rich results" from now on, grouping them all together. Google said the new testing tool “focuses on the structured [...]

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Google Publishes New FAQ On Job Search Postings For Webmasters

Mariya Moeva from Google has posted a very helpful frequently asked questions document in the webmaster help forums around the new job search functions in Google. Webmasters are encouraged to mark up their job listings, which allows Google to show them in web search for job-related queries.  Google published this FAQ around this topic on July 11. Here is a [...]

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Google Adds New Schema Named “Science Datasets” For Marking Up Scientific Or Government Data

Recently, Google has added a new structured data type called Science datasets.  This new dataset is a new markup, and is able to be use by Google for rich cards/rich snippets in the Google search results interface. Science data sets are “specialized repositories for datasets in many scientific domains: life sciences, earth sciences, material sciences, and [...]

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Google Has Dropped Product Rich Snippets From Airline Pricing Websites

Action has been taken by Google against airline deal websites like TripAdvisors, Expedia and others for misusing product rich snippets in their structured data markup.  Googled ended up taking manual action against these sites by removing the rich snippets in search results for using this markup when showing price data for fight destination pages. It was confirmed yesterday [...]

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Google Looking Into Review Stars Dropping Out Of The Search Results

Last week, there were webmasters who began noticing huge drops in reviews and review stars showing up in the Google search results.  To further validate these drop in numbers, there was a Mozcast SERP Feature Graph that shows  a sharp decline in these reviews and review stars.  These reviews and review stars went from showing up in about 35 [...]

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