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How To Use Schema To Create A Google Action

Recently, Google announced that publishers are now able to create Google Actions from web content using schema markup. Google Actions is a great way for brands to get extra mileage out of their SEO strategy, as well as offer another opportunity to reach searchers organically. Optimizing for some of the newest features, such as Google [...]

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Top 10 CMS Features to Increase Traffic & Revenue from Mobile, Schemas, Voice, and Direct Answers

Whether you have a hotel website, retail store page, restaurant website, auto dealer site, banking site, healthcare site or corporate site – there are key elements you can leverage to drive more organic traffic. Discover how key features in your content management system (CMS) can help maximize your website’s revenue for next-generation SEO, mobile technology, [...]

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Google Updates Guidelines on Using ‘How-to’ Structured Data

Google's help document has been updated on using "how-to" structured data with new guidelines about things people should try avoiding. How-to structured data is a type of markup that communicates to Google that a piece of content is a how-to article. By using how-to mark up, it makes a page eligible to appear in search [...]

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Schema Markup for SEO: Here’s Why You Should Not Ignore It

In order to understand the world around us, and to communicate our understanding to others, we apply schema. That is, we assign things to general classifications, such as animal, vegetable, or mineral. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen invite Stone Temple's Senior Director of [...]

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Google Announces Similar Items Schema For Image Search On Mobile

Just recently, Google's image search results on the mobile web and in the Android Search app are now showing "similar items."  Basically, if you do an image search, Google could shold you additional product images from place where you can buy that item you did the search on. Product manager, Julia E, announced on Google's search blog [...]

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