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Learn Why You Need a Social Media Promotion Strategy

This video is from the recently updated social media certification course, which is free in HubSpot Academy. Creating a promotional plan that takes advantage of social and digital technologies will help you shape the conversation about your business, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners. Social media shouldn’t replace other Inbound promotional methods like [...]

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Twitter Buys Fabula AI, Machine Learning Start-Up That Can Detect Network Manipulation

In an announcement made on Monday, Twitter let it be known that it has acquired Fabula AI, a machine learning research company based in London. The Fabula AI team will work alongside Sandeep Pandey as part of Twitter's research group, which focuses on natural language processing, reinforcement learning, machine learning ethics, recommendations systems and graph deep [...]

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LinkedIn Looks To Improve Ad Targeting, Attribution Capabilities With Drawbridge Acquisition

On Tuesday, LinkedIn announced that it entered a deal to acquire Drawbridge, a platform that uses AI and machine learning technology to provide marketing, customer experience and security solutions. With Drawbridge's technology added to the mix, LinkedIn aims to boos ad engagement and ROI for marketers. According to a LinkedIn spokesperson, when integrated into the [...]

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Facebook’s Year Of Apologies (To Marketers)

It's not all that far fetched to say that Facebook has quite a year.  The social media company received quite the barrage of criticism for how it handled user data and unsecured platforms.  This month, the New York Times reported it gave Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and other companies “far greater” access to user data than what it previously [...]

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Twitter Will Now Display View Counts For All Videos, Including Ads

Twitter is joining the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in publicly displaying how many views each video on its platform has received.  The announcement was announced on Monday, December 11.  According to a Twitter spokesperson, these view counts appear on both organic videos and video ads, but not on pre-roll ads. 👀 👀 👀 [...]

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Facebook Opens Collection Ad Format To Dynamic Ads For Travel Campaigns

Ahead of the holiday travel season, Facebook is giving airline and hotel brands some new tools to catch people's attention. Brands retargeting travel-minded consumers through Facebook's Dynamic Ads for Travel product can now use its full-screen, immersive Collection ad format for campaigns.  This news was announced on Monday. Facebook introduced the iAd-like, mobile-only ad format in March 2017 for retailers who would [...]

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Facebook Extends Dynamic Ad Retargeting To Real Estate Listings

A few years ago, Facebook released an ad format tailored to retailers looking to retarget people browsing their e-commerce sites.  Over this last year, the company spun off different versions of these Dynamic Ads that have been customized for other industries, such as hotels and airlines.  Now, they've released Dynamic Ads for realtors. Facebook introduced on version of its [...]

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In-Stream Video Ads Have Arrived On Twitter

As we know, more and more people are getting on mobile everyday, and in response, advertisers are looking to capitalize on this.  Twitter has rolled out in-stream video ads that will help advertisers reach their audience in an engaged setting These in-stream ads will be able to run across video clips and live streams from Twitter’s [...]

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