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TikTok Is Testing Video Three Minute Length Limit

There are reports that are saying hat TikTok is testing out a new option that increases the usual one minute video up to three minutes. According to TikTok: "You have early access to uplaoding videos up to 3 minutes long on the TikTok app and desktop! To try it out, make sure your app [...]

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TikTok Now Has Photosensitivity Warning To Strobing Lights

TikTok has added photosensitivity warnings to video clips that have contrasting light and dark patterns in order to help anybody who might have epilepsy. Here is what TikTok said on its blog: "To be a truly inclusive platform we're committed to making TikTok more accessible for everyone, and given the visual nature of our platform [...]

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A New Agreement Between TikTok And Sony Music Is Announced

In an announcement, TikTok and Sony Music Entertainment have come to an agreement to create a new licensing deal, which will allow TikTok creators to include even more popular songs into their videos. In the announcement, Tiktok said: "This is an exciting step forward in the level of collaboration between the two companies. With this [...]

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TikTok Stars Win Against Trump’s TikTok Ban

Back on August 6, US President Trump Trump issued two Executive Orders that outlined separate bans on TikTok, a Chinese-owned social app. According to these orders, they were to take effect within 45 days after being signed, meaning TikTok would either have go be sold to a US company, or get banned in the US. According [...]

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YouTube Shorts, A New Competitor For TikTok, Are Here!

YouTube is releasing the newYouTube Shorts, a home for 15 second videos, which are finding their start in India. This is obviously YouTube's attempt at becoming the next TikTok, or at least become a competitor for it. The videos will be swipeable on mobile and very easy to create on any mobile device.

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Trump Approves The Oracle And TikTok Deal

It seems TikTok has been given a new lease on life here in the US, as Oracle, which leads a consortium group, submitted its proposal on a takeover of the US operations of Chinese-owned TikTok. For those not in the know, this deal was created in order to deal with concerns over the data sharing that [...]

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Oracle Wins Over TikTok From Microsoft

As of this writing, the deadline for a deal with TikTok and a US company is looming just over the horizon. TikTok would remain operational in the US with a consortium bid. Originally, Microsoft was leading the bid wars for TikTok, but got rejected by TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, as confirmed by the Microsoft blog. [...]

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