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YouTube Shorts, A New Competitor For TikTok, Are Here!

YouTube is releasing the newYouTube Shorts, a home for 15 second videos, which are finding their start in India. This is obviously YouTube's attempt at becoming the next TikTok, or at least become a competitor for it. The videos will be swipeable on mobile and very easy to create on any mobile device.

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Trump Approves The Oracle And TikTok Deal

It seems TikTok has been given a new lease on life here in the US, as Oracle, which leads a consortium group, submitted its proposal on a takeover of the US operations of Chinese-owned TikTok. For those not in the know, this deal was created in order to deal with concerns over the data sharing that [...]

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Oracle Wins Over TikTok From Microsoft

As of this writing, the deadline for a deal with TikTok and a US company is looming just over the horizon. TikTok would remain operational in the US with a consortium bid. Originally, Microsoft was leading the bid wars for TikTok, but got rejected by TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, as confirmed by the Microsoft blog. [...]

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How Does TikTok’s Algorithm Recommend Content?

When you look at TikTok's algorithm, and how it recommends content to other users, it's certain a different beast when compared to other video related platforms, such as YouTube. When YouTube puts videos up on a user's feed, it's usually based on popularity of the creator and the video, but with TikTok, it's different. In [...]

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TikTok Has Lead The Social App Download Race In August

In a report by Sensor Tower, TikTok is again leading the non-gaming app race. In August, TikTok was the most downloaded app on any app store, despite its uncertain future. In the report, there has been over 63.3 million installs, which shows a 1.6 percent increase from August of last year. Despite TikTok's future, it's [...]

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Instagram Launches A Dedicated Tab Just For Reels In India

Ever since 'Reels' was unveiled in India by Instagram a couple of months ago right after TikTok was banned in the country, things could look up for Reels since there is no competition. Now, Instagram is adding a new, dedicated Reels tab on the function bar of the app for Indian users. Before TikTok's ban in India, [...]

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TikTok Has Launched A Marketing Partner Program For Advertisers

For their latest push regarding advertising, TikTok has launched a new Marketing Partner Program. "We’re proud to launch our Marketing Partner Program today with nearly 20 certified partners across various areas of expertise including campaign management, creative development, branded effects, and measurement." With the platform's announcement there are 20 certified partners that all have a variety [...]

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New Rules Imposed By China Could Stop TikTok Sale.

The sell-off date for TikTok is ticking ever closer and now, it seems China has set some new rules that could stop the sale from potentially happening.  The Wall Street Journal reported that these rules are meant to limit the sharing technology advancements within international deals. Although ByteDane could sill go through with the sale [...]

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