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Twitter’s Fleets Roll Out Slows Down Because Of “Performance and Stability” Concerns

Twitter's Fleets feature that has been rolling out recently is on a slow down right now because of concerns over performance and stability. A number of users have experienced lag when using Fleets: Fleets was first launched last March in Brazil, and slowly expanded to other areas until June, but then the [...]

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Twitter Is Testing A Clubhouse-Style Audio ‘Spaces’ Feature

A brand new feature is being tested by Twitter, an audio-only virtual meeting zoom, which will be built to on top of the company's new Fleet feature. With the new 'Spaces' option, users can make a room that is audio-only and will let connections join and participate in within it. These meet-ups will be marked [...]

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Twitter Brings Stories-Like ‘Fleets’ Option To Japan

Twitter has announced that its Stories-like Fleets is going to be brought over to Japan. What is Fleets? According to "It is a new feature similar to Instagram Stories where tweets automatically disappear after 24 hours. There will be no Likes, Retweets, or public replies to these tweets. The new feature, according to the [...]

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Twitter Has Strong Q3 Revenue Results, User Growth Slows

In its newest performance update, Twitter has shown an increase in ad spend, but a slower growth in total users. As you can see from the following graph, Twitter was able to obtain 2 million more Monetizable Daily Active Users in Q3, while showing that the platform's usage flattened in the US. Despite this, Twitter [...]

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Twitter Enables Users To Share Topic Listings In Tweets And DMs

Another way to boost tweet discovery has been rolled out by Twitter, which allows its users to share Topic listings in tweets, DMs, and even off Twitter. Topics was first unveiled last November in order to allow users to find content and topics that would be most relevant to them. Based on the above tweet, [...]

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Twitter’s Privacy And Safety Settings Gets An Update So Users Better Understand Their Options

In a tweet posted by Twitter, their Privacy and Safety settings have been updated to assist people to better understand the information that they share, and how they are able to limit such to protect their account, as well as control their overall experience on the platform. When you click on the link found [...]

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Twitter Expands Access To Voice Tweets, Plans For Auto-Captioning Of Voice Messages

Earlier this year, Twitter announced that there was a great new function that allowed Twitter users to add audio clips into their tweets. But it didn't take very long before people began not using the feature, as it didn't seem to really add much in way of functionality to the platform. A big reason [...]

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