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Twitter Takes Aggressive Steps To Curb Spam & Bot Activity By Blocking Identical Actions Across Multiple Accounts

Substantial changes have been made by Twitter on February 21 that will greatly impact social media managers who oversee multiple accounts and use automation apps to manage their Twitter activity. Twitter announced that it isn't going to permit identical or substantially similar content to be posted simultaneously from multiple accounts. Something else that has been [...]

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Pepsi Takes Top Honors In Twitter’s Inaugural #BrandBowl

It was mere hours after the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII when Twitter announced that Pepsi won the first-ever #BrandBowl. Pepsi, the sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, took top honors as the most tweet-about brand in Twitter's inaugural competition.  I would have to agree that, as the sponsor of the Super Halftime Show, Pepsi [...]

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Twitter Starts Selling Sponsorships Of Individual Publishers’ Moments

Twitter has begun converting Moments into its version of Snapchat's Publisher Stories within its Discover tab. Since debuting the tweet collections and opened it to certain publishers over two years ago, Twitter will now enable publishers to make money from their Moments through sponsorship with brands, according to an announcement by Twitter this week. The new offerings, which are [...]

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Social Networks To Face Huge Fines In Germany For Not Removing ‘Illegal Content’ In 24 Hours

As of January 1, Germany began to enforce its anti-hate speech and illegal content law (“NetzDG”), which was originally passed in mid-2017.  This law targets publishers and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, that have more than 2 million members or users. The law, translated as the Network Enforcement Act requires "obviously illegal" material to be [...]

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Twitter Will Now Display View Counts For All Videos, Including Ads

Twitter is joining the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in publicly displaying how many views each video on its platform has received.  The announcement was announced on Monday, December 11.  According to a Twitter spokesperson, these view counts appear on both organic videos and video ads, but not on pre-roll ads. 👀 👀 👀 [...]

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Google Promises To Improve Accuracy Of Tweets Shown In Search Results

When the news came out about the Teas church shooter came out, a number of searches went to Google to learn more about the shooter.  The thing they found when searching the shooter's name in Google Sunday night, was highlighted tweets from Google's Twitter partnership that displayed misinformation.  On the evening of November 6, Google issued a [...]

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Facebook, Google And Apple Are The Top Drivers Of Mobile App Installs

Facebook and Google AdWords, not surprisingly, are still the top media sources driving mobile app installs.  Apple Search Ads is on the rise though, according to AppsFlyer's latest performance index (registration required).  The rankings are based on 6 billion installs from the first part of 2017.  They are organized by region and OS into gaming and [...]

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