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How Much Should I Charge? (Pricing Strategy)

Are you running your business and you're not totally sure what the right price is for the products and services that you provide? In this video by Adam Erhart, he'll show you how to price your products or services, what to think about when trying to come up with the perfect price. He even shares [...]

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Speed vs Quality – 7 Tips to Increase Both

In a number of debates on the subject, people might argue that speed is quality and to have quality, you should have speed, meaning that the higher your site works, the higher its quality will be. In the following video, Marketing 360 will give up seven tips that will help increase your speed. These tips [...]

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How to Get Testimonials For Your Business

In this video by Wes McDowell, he will show you not only how to get testimonials for your business that you can use on your website, but how to go deeper than your typical 5-star review, and how to mine for gold — in the form of wildly profitable testimonials that tell a start-to-finish story [...]

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5 tools To Create a Profitable Online Business

Earning a profit is important to a business, especially for a small business, since profitability will impact whether or not a company can secure financing from a bank, and attract investors. This means that without profit, a company cannot remain in business. You don't need a lot of people to grow your traffic and sales. [...]

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Multi-Location Businesses Increase The Standard With Localized Strategies

According to a report by the Localized Marketing Benchmark Report (LMBR), the combination of online searches with local intent and social platforms rising influence has created great results for multi-location businesses with localized strategies. The report saw businesses who focused on localized marketing strategy increased their revenue by upwards of three times of their competitors. The [...]

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A Business Guide to Pinterest (Infographic)

Pinterest is currently regarded as an incredible space for both marketing and eCommerce marketing potential. Because of this, if you're a marketer, it's a good idea to know that, as a platform, Pinterest is a wonderful place to drive both discovery and purchase activity. But, how does Pinterest fit into your own marketing plan? It [...]

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Why You Should Use Facebook Groups for your Business

This Hubspot video talks about Facebook Groups, and will dive into the difference between public and private groups, ways to foster relationships with your group members, how to automate group member approvals, and more tips to step up your Facebook Group game.

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