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Content Marketing Works: Here’s Why

More companies than ever are using content marketing, but do we have any proof that it actually works? In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Mark Traphagen shares some interesting stats from a study that show just how effective content marketing can be in bringing in and retaining customers.

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You Should Build Content Marketing Bridges: Here’s Why

The dismal truth is that most brand content marketing fails. It performs poorly because it can't bridge the gap between brand goals and prospect needs and desires. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Mark Traphagen shares how to build bridges to your target market with content marketing.

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Quora Unveils New Promoted Answers Ad Unit

A new native ad was unveiled by Quora on Tuesday called Promoted Answers.  This new native ad offers marketers the opportunity to promote organic content posted on the site by themselves or others.  A Promoted Answer, which features a question, a portion of an answer and a link taking the user to the full answer, [...]

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18 Video Marketing Insights for Social Success

One thing that any and all brands and marketers should be doing, regardless of their size, budget, audience, industry, country or social network – it’s video marketing. It is predicted by Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn that their content will "probably" be "all video" by 2021.  Cisco has reported that 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be videos. Even now, [...]

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7 Powerful Reasons Content Needs Great Visuals

Attraction is a big thing in this thing we call life. Although there are different ways to interpret that, it makes sense many realms of day-to-day interactions, decisions and pitfalls For us humans, we are attracted to visual things, things that are beautiful and eye catching.  These sort of visuals can be used to get [...]

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How To Create A Style Guide For Your SEO Content Writers

We always here the following statements when you're immersed in the world of SEO content writing: How do I find good writers? The writers I do have are inconsistent How will I know if a writer 'gets' SEO? There seems to be a gap between the data-focused SEO pros and the creative copywriters they usually [...]

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8 Ways To Use Content To Skyrocket User Engagement

Users are bombarded with content at every turn as they surf the internet, much like they would with commercials on television.  It can be overwhelming, so marketers have to find ways to capture their attentions and stand out. Marketers have to not only conduct extensive research so that the content they deliver is awesome, but [...]

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