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8 Ways To Use Content To Skyrocket User Engagement

Users are bombarded with content at every turn as they surf the internet, much like they would with commercials on television.  It can be overwhelming, so marketers have to find ways to capture their attentions and stand out. Marketers have to not only conduct extensive research so that the content they deliver is awesome, but [...]

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3 Warning Signs You’re Optimizing for the Wrong Keywords

In SEO, one of the things that we think about is keywords.  Keywords are thing things that help guide everything from on-page strategy to blog creation and can even play a role in link building.  Keywords are essentially the foundation of a sound SEO program, but they can be deceptive. Keyword research, at the surface, [...]

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Paid Social for Content Marketing Launches

Are you stuck in a content marketing rut? Simply relying on your existing newsletter, social followers, or email outreach won't do your launches justice. Boosting your signal with paid social both introduces your brand to new audiences and improves your launch's traffic and results. In today's Whiteboard Friday, we're welcoming back our good friend Kane [...]

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Europe To Tech Giants: Remove ‘Illegal Content’ Within One Hour

Early on March 1, The European Commission (EC) issued guidelines and recommendations for the rapid removal of “illegal content” from websites accessible within Europe.  Even though it wasn't the only content, targeted, the move was aimed primarily at terrorist propaganda. For the EC, they want to see illegal content taken down, following notifications to tech companies, within [...]

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Use as Directed: A Content Marketing Plan for Robust Business Performance

What are the chances of your company investing in a content marketing strategy?  Well, it's actually pretty high.  It was revealed by the Marketing Institute that 89% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing.  Money spent on this activity ranges somewhere between 26% and 30% of an entire marketing budget. Spending up 50% of your overall [...]

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Are You Making A Mistake By Focusing Solely On New Customers?

Most business owners seem to focus on acquiring new customers, rather than their existing customers.  Due to this, content strategies often target new prospects.  Even though working on and with new customers is important, we also need to think about the customers we already have.  Both new and existing customers are all part of the [...]

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5 Facebook Algorithm Hacks To Up Your Content Marketing Game

Does it feel that Facebook has become an ever-changing show that requires you to bend over backwards trying to learn new content tricks, just so it can be seen by your followers? For many, organic Facebook posts used to receive massive organic engagement.  But now, the same content receives only a few "likes" and the [...]

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Content Marketing: An Exploration of Purpose and Medium

This is the Second Episode in a series, for some reason infographics was a big issue. Ammon Johns -Web Marketing Director alltThingsweb, Jennifer Slegg - founder&editor of The SEM Post, Lyndon Antcliff, head of strategy and training for Cornwall SEO 00:07:09 Jennifer said The SEM Post never going to publish infographics, so if you trying [...]

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