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A New Mortgage Feature Is Added To Google Search

A new feature has been launched by Google for mobile search results relating to mortgages - a feature box that shows more information regarding mortgages than before when the mortgage calculator was first released in 2015. When getting mortgage search results in Google, you will get a "Mortgage loan" box, which presents a number of [...]

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Google Is Suggesting Searches Based On Users’ Recent Activity

Google is surfacing suggested search queries base on recent activity. The suggestion is displayed as a link below the search bar with the modifying term bolded and italicized. These suggestions an be quite nuanced. This was first reported on by Android Police. In order to get the above suggestion, first a search was done for "google home," [...]

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Google Launches SOS Alert For Searches Related to Coronavirus

An SOS alert has been activated by Google in search results for searches related to coronavirus outbreak. Google's SOS alerts are activated during crisis events were the public safety could be at risk. The system is designed to assist searchers by providing an ad-free page of search results that has the latest news, links to [...]

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Google Adds Shareable GIFs To Image Search Results

There is now a "Share GIFs" section in Google image search results that allows users to immediately share GIFs to different apps. This feature is powered by Google’s own GIF search engine, which has grown considerably since acquiring Tenor last year. Google says that search interest in GIFs has nearly tripled in recent years: “GIFs have become [...]

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Here’s Why Google Search Is a Modern Marvel

Google search is truly one of the great marvels of modern technology. We can ask it almost any question, and in less than a second get a well-ordered list of potential answer sources. But how does that all happen? In this episode of the Here's Why digital marketing series, lead author of The Art of [...]

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