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5 PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making In Your Campaigns

Some of the most common mistakes made in PPC campaigns can be fixed rather easily.  If you throw in some time, awareness and a little effort, it's possible to adjust your optimization strategy to focus on ROI, rather than CPA, and end up getting better results.  Just make some changes to the way you approach [...]

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Valassis Launches Remarketing Activation To Follow Up Web Browsing With An Email Or Postcard

Valassis is a marketing services company that strives to reach consumers through print, coupons, digital media and various combinations of those. As an example, its Audible Offers delivers a coupon to your mobile device after a compatible app recognizes an inaudible signal in a TV, video or radio ad or program. Livonia is launching its Remarketing Activation this [...]

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5 Ways To Capitalize On Google Tag Manager

Chicago-based personalization and e-commerce platform, TouchCR, came out recently with a solution for cookie-less tracking. This is good for advertisers who freaked out over Apple’s recent moves against cookies in the newest Safari and Mac OS versions. Of course, this isn't all good news though.  TouchCR’s solution is oriented toward first-party users.  The company’s chief technology innovation officer [...]

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Quora Launches Retargeting For Advertisers

There is a brand new ads platform that was launched by Quora that now supports retargeting ads on the question-and-answer network. The news that Quora advertisers were now able to create audience segments of past site visitors for ad targeting on Quora was announced on Thursday.  The targeting is powered by Quora conversion pixel.   In order to take [...]

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Facebook Extends Dynamic Ad Retargeting To Real Estate Listings

A few years ago, Facebook released an ad format tailored to retailers looking to retarget people browsing their e-commerce sites.  Over this last year, the company spun off different versions of these Dynamic Ads that have been customized for other industries, such as hotels and airlines.  Now, they've released Dynamic Ads for realtors. Facebook introduced on version of its [...]

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Google Analytics Remarketing Lists Go Cross-Device May 15

Google announced last September that they were going to start using signed-in user data to enable retargeting across devices on the Google Display Network.  On May 15th, audience lists that were created in Google Analytics will begin using this data. The following alerts began showing in Google Analytics: Starting May 15, 2017, all properties using Remarketing with [...]

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Facebook Will Be Sunsetting FBX Desktop Retargeting In Favor Of Mobile Capabilities

It's sad news that the Facebook Exchange (FBX), the company's desktop retargeting solution, will sunset soon.  The reason to the exchange's declining influence is due to Facebook's decision not to expand FBX access to mobile inventory.  Instead, the newer Custom Audiences and Dynamic Ads capabilities have far overshadowed FBX. “Dynamic Ads and Custom Audiences have mobile [...]

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Adobe Unveils Its Next-Generation Marketing Cloud

As of today, March 22, Adobe has unleashed what they are describing as the next-gen version of its Marketing Cloud. For the director of product marketing Kevin Lindsay, "Marketing is really the experience business."  This was said during a press briefing, adding that the newest release of their Marketing Cloud enlarges the Cloud's customer experience capabilities.  These features [...]

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