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Google Provides FAQ About Authorship, From Blocking To No Mascots

Are you wanting to get your Google authorship?  Some answers have been provided via the Google Webmaster Central blog through a new FAQ. What Qualifies For Authorship? Have you wondered what pages can authorship be applied to?  Some of the criteria includes the page is mostly authored by the designated author.  This means a page [...]

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Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan Talk At SMX Advanced

The other night at SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts, the head of search spam at Google, went to the stage and answered question about Google search, as well as webmaster topics with Danny Sullivan.  The session was covered in a live blog format.  Several key points of the session were pulled out and put on the live blog. For [...]

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Are Guest Bloggers Incurring Penalties?

It seems that after the penguin update in Google took place, people looked for different ways to obtain links.  The link building tactic that many people have utilizing since penguin has been guest bloggers posting.  Guest blogging can be a dangerous tactic to do. Of course, not all guest posting is a bad thing.  Not [...]

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Simple Content And Customer Trust

In the content marketing game, prospective customers value familiarity and trust over content alone.  The content you place on your site isn’t designed to sell the products or services that you offer, it’s to actually sell you and what you are to the potential customer. Lately, content marketing has been getting more attention, as many [...]

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Some SEO Clients Just Need To Be Avoided

Some SEO Clients Just Need To Be Avoided In the business of SEO, in order to maintain a steady amount of work and income, you’ve got to rely on obtaining clients.  But let’s face it, creating a demand where none exists is a big challenge.  If you are unable to produce the services and good [...]

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