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Google September 2019 Core Update To Roll-Out Later Today

On the morning o f September 24, Google announced on Twitter that it is releasing the September 2019 core update later today. Core updates impact how Google ranks web sites and how Google determines what is the most relevant web page for a specific query. Here is the announcement: Google has given advice on what [...]

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Google’s Page Speed Update Does Not Impact Indexing

With Google's Page Speed Update, you won't have to worry about it impacting how Google indexes your mobile or desktop content.  It will affect only how the mobile pages are ranked in the Google mobile search results.Keep in mind that indexing and rankings are two different things, as Google explains in the How Search Works portal. There [...]

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Google Downplays The Google Algorithm Ranking Update This Week As “Normal Fluctuations”

It was reported earlier this month about the significant chatter surrounding a Google algorithm update.  Now, it looks like there's another update to report to you this week. On Tuesday of this week, there had been early signals of a Google update.  These signals spiked on Thursday, and still have yet to ebb. It seems that the webmaster and SEO [...]

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Google Panda 4.2 Is Still Rolling Out

As of October 1st, Google's Gary Illyes has come out to say that the the Panda algorithm, Panda 4.2, is still in the process of rolling out, despite the fact that it began rolling out on July 18, 2015. Illyes himself had checked out and, indeed, it was still rolling out. We had a feeling that Panda [...]

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The Real Time Penguin Algorithm Is Coming Soon Says Google

During SMX East yesterday, Google's Gary Illyes said that the next Penguin update will happen in the "forseeable" future.  He added, "I hope" by the end of the year, and that it'll be the real-time version of the algorithm. In July, Gary said that Penguin was months away, and it seems we're inching ever so closer to it now.  Naturally, Illyes was very [...]

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France Trying To Force Disclosure Of Google Algorithm, Wants To Regulate the SERP

In regards the the European Commission’s Statement of Objections (antitrust charges) issue, it seems that France has a case of not wanting to wait for it to resolve.  France is taking action to regulate Google's search results, as well as compel revelation of its search algorithm. According to TechCrunch, a bill is being reported to be making it's way [...]

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