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Google Gives Core Update A Name, And A Structure

Google seems to have heard about the confusion with the namings of the broad core algorithm update from March 12 and they want to make sure they clear things up.  On Twitter, Google said, “Our name for this update is March 2019 Core Update.” This is fairly unusual since Google doesn't typically give names to updates.  But, in this case, [...]

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Google Released A Broad Core Search Algorithm On March 12th

On March 12, Google had confirmed that it released a broad core search ranking algorithm update this week. Google posted on its SearchLiaison account “This week, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year.” Google was asked if it made a large core algorithm update this week. Google tweeted confirmation and [...]

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Google’s August Core Search Algorithm Update Has Been Fully Rolled Out

On August 8, Google confirmed that the core search algorithm update that started to roll out about a week ago is now completely rolled out.  According to Google search liaison Danny Sullivan, who on Twitter said, “It’s done.” Danny added that if we are seeing other changes, “We always have changes that happen, both broad and more specific.” [...]

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Google Confirms Broad Search Algorithm Update Is Rolling Out

On Wednesday, Google confirmed on Twitter that the company released a "broad core algorithm update" this week.  The announcement came after there was some noticed shifts in rankings and traffic by the search community on the morning of August 1.  Google will release several algorithm updates per year that it may confirm, while many others are not confirmed or recognized by Google. This [...]

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Google Updates Its Search Quality Rating Guidelines

There is a new Google update to the search engine's search quality rater guidelines that includes some new areas of focus for raters.  Over 10,000 search qualifier raters are contracted with Google worldwide to evaluate its search results.  These raters are given actual searches to conduct, as they are drawn from real searches that happen [...]

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Trolls Propel Trump To Top Google Ratings For ‘Idiot’

The latest stunt in a game between Google and activists, known as "Googlebombing," has been going on, with tech savvy individuals gaming Google to influence the search rankings. The most current exploit, there are a number of posts on Reddit that associate Trump's name, photo and the word "idiot."  These posts are receiving tens of [...]

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