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Google To Add Attribution To Licensed Lyrics Providers

Earlier this week, Google was accused of stealing lyrics from Genius, a song lyrics web site without proper licensing agreement. In response to those accusations, Google said that it "licenses the lyrics text from third parties" and does "not crawl or scrape websites to source these lyrics" in a blog post on Tuesday. Even then, [...]

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Google Search Console Image Search Reporting Bug June 5-7

A notice was posted by Google saying that, between the dates of June 5 through June 7, it was unable to capture data around image search traffic. This was a bug and it didn't impact actual search traffic. Even then, the Search Console performance report may show drops in image search traffic in that date [...]

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Google Search Console Drops Preferred Domain Setting

According to an announcement, Google is no longer supporting the preferred domain setting in Google Search Console. This means that this feature isn't being moved from the old version of Google Search Console to the new one. It's existence ends with the old version of the platform. The preferred domain setting is an old feature [...]

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Why You Must Know about the New Evergreen Googlebot

Google made an announcement at Google I/O in early May of 2019 that Googlebot is now evergreen. What does it mean for the search community? In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge, together with Google’s Martin Splitt, explains of the new evergreen Googlebot in search.

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Google: We Don’t Evaluate a Site’s Authority

According to John Mueller, Google doesn't specifically measure the authority of a website. This information came from a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout. During the hangout, Meuller was asked how a site can increase its authority. The webmaster who asked the question said that their site lost a good amount of organic traffic following the [...]

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Google Launches New Search Menu With Icons

After a few months of testing, Google has begun rolling out the new search bar with icons. Rather than using text to show the various search categories or verticals for news, video, images, maps, shopping and the like, Google displays icons that represent those categories as well. The following image was taken from the PC version [...]

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Yoast SEO 11.4 Adds FAQ Structured Data, UX Improvements

In Yoast SEO's newest update, it is enhancing its FAQ blocks by automatically generating structured data to accompany questions and answers. With this upate, some UX improvements is introduced, as well as addressing issues with AMP pages when viewed in Reader mode. This update is only compatible with the WordPress block editor. Webmasters start by [...]

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Google Tests Showing Weekly Site Visits In Automated Ad Extension

There are several types of automated extensions under Google's belt that can display in search ads - seller ratings, dynamic sitelinks, call extensions and so on. Google is currently testing a new version that highlights a site's popularity. Spotted by Kristie TC Liu, digital marketing strategist at KoMarketing in Boston, the automated extension on a WeWork [...]

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