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The Old Google Search Console Is No Longer Available

Google, has announced that it has shut down the old Google Search Console, after bringing out the new Google Search Console about a year ago. Google said, “Today we are reaching another important milestone in our graduation journey, we are saying goodbye to many old Search Console reports, including the home and dashboard pages.” All attempts to [...]

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Google Search Console Adds Auto-DNS Verification

In an announcement by Google, site owners can now verify their web sites with Google Search Console in a new way, auto-DNS verification. This works with a select number of domain name service providers and helps to simplify the process of getting your website verified within Google Search Console. According to Google, the company “collaborated with [...]

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Bing Webmaster Tools Allows Site Verification Via Google Search Console

A new beta feature from Bing has launched that lets site owners import their sites from Google Search Console to its own Webmaster Tools. After site owners log into Bing Webmaster Tools, they may be presented with an option reading, “Already verified on Google Search Console?Beta Skip verification by importing your site.” The option to import [...]

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Google Search Console API Drops More App Features

An announcement made by Google said that the company is removing features from the current Search Console API, which are all related to apps, specifically Android app search appearance types. Back in February, Google removed app properties from Google Search Console, so it would make since that removing it from the API now makes sense. Google told [...]

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Google Testing Tools Now Support Evergreen Googlebot

In an announcement, Google said that a number of the testing tools available within Google Search Console or the Google developer portal are now using the new evergreen Googlebot for crawling. Google launched what is being called evergreen Googlebot three months ago, and basically, it means that Googlebot will crawl the web using the latest [...]

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Google Search Console Sending Performance Report Emails

Some verified Google Search Console site owners are now being sent monthly reports by Google showing how well their sites are performing in Google search. This report now says “your July performance on Google Search.” The report shows a monthly summary of the data from your Google Search Console reports. The data from your performance reports includes" [...]

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Google Search Console Adds Mobile-First Indexing Features

On June 26, Google announced that it made a "few tweaks" to Google Search Console to help webmasters and SEOs understand how Google is indexing their sites. With these tweaks, you'll be able to see if an when Google switched a site to mobile-first indexing. Under settings for a property, Google can show you what [...]

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