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Google Search Console Now Lets Users Group Sites Together With Property Sets

It was recently announced by Google that Google Search Console users can now group together multiple properties so that you can get aggregate data in the Search Analytics report. The reason for this new feature is because Google Search Console has always been reporting Search Analytics data on a property-by-property basis.  Since every propert had to be added individually, [...]

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Google Betas Dropping Manual Actions Automatically For Hacked Sites

In an announcement  by Google, the company is experimenting with automatically reversing manual actions for hacked sites that have gone through the process of removing the hack. Google said: “… we’re beta testing the automated removal of some hacked manual actions. In Search Console if Google sees a ‘Hacked site’ manual action under ‘Partial matches,’ and [...]

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If You Repeatedly Violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Further Actions Will Happen, So Follow The Rules!

There was an anonymous update on the Google Webmaster Blog this morning from Google's Search Quality Team saying that if webmasters continuously violated the Google Webmaster Guidelines and they get caught, 'further action' will be taken by Google against your site and/or "a successful reconsideration process more difficult to achieve. More specifically, Google is talking about manual actions, which [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Google Search Console

For years, Google has provided services that will allow webmasters to not only keep track of their web statistics, but market their websites and webpages to those who would consume that particular content.  Most of the features that you would need to do all this used to be in what was called Google Webmaster Tools. [...]

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The Old Search Queries Report Gets Dropped From The Google Search Console

Google has finally started to remove the Search Queries report from the Google Search Console. Since the new Search Analytics report was expected to completely replace the Search Queries report at some point, this really isn't shocking at all.  The Search Analytics report became available to all Google Search Console users about months ago. All ready, reports have come [...]

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