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Instagram Tests Replacing Activity Tab With Shopping Tab

Instagram is changing out the Activity tab with a 'Shop' tab for some users as part of a global test. Rather than seeing the normal heart icon in Instagram's navigation menu, these users will see a shopping bag icon. Users who tap on the icon will be taken to the Instagram Shop section that was [...]

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CCPA Roll-Out Causes Havoc for Facebook Advertisers

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which was announced in 2018, has finally rolled out. Unfortunately, it has caused confusion among Facebook ad buyers. They are scrambling to grapple with the vaporizing of data and targeting for California audiences, while at the same time scratching their heads over what compliance actually mean. CCPA is a [...]

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How to Create Your Instagram Brand Identity

Instagram is all about the visual appeal to the viewer. The platform is easy to use and posting beautiful photos may seem like no big deal. But take a step back and think about a few things first. To really rock Instagram, you need to build a cohesive visual and content strategy that takes into [...]

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Facebook Ads: Which Ad Should I Create First?

Let's talk about the three phases of turning attention into customer revenue: Connect, which is all about branding; Commit, which is about that lead generation and putting people into your sales funnel; and Close, where it's all about the sales retargeting to talk to people who are already in purchase intent and help them make [...]

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The Brands Boycotting Facebook And Zuckerberg’s Response

A number of different brands are joining the Stop Hate for Profit Facebook ad boycott. Advertisers are being asked to pause their ad spend on both Facebook and Instagram in July, saying that the social media platform is tolerating racism and hate speech, “turned a blind eye toward voter suppression on their platform.” According to reports, over 100 [...]

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Instagram “Reels” Now In 3 Countries; TikTok’s New Advertiser Hub

Instagram Reels Instagram has been extending its TikTok-like short-from video product "Reels." recently. It launched Reels in Brazil last November, and will be releasing it in France and Germany, TechCrunch reported. With this rolling out, a new ability will be available for users to share Reels to their Feeds, rather than just limiting them to [...]

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Microsoft Launches A Free Search And Social Campaign Management Platform For SMBs

In a recent announcement by Microsoft, the Digital Marketing Center is moving past the pilot stage. Digital Marketing Center is designed to help both small and medium sized businesses manage digital campaign across different networks from a single interface. The platform allows small businesses to manage organic social media and paid search and social campaigns [...]

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How the Instagram Algorithm Works

There are a variety of factors involved when it comes to how your Instagram audience will see and interact with your posts. Understanding how the Instagram algorithm affects your content will help you maximize your marketing efforts to drive visibility, attract new customers, and reach more people. Essentially, there are three main factors that determine [...]

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Instagram, Pinterest Roll Out New Features For Pride Month

As June is Pride month, Pinterest and Instagram are coming out with a set of seasonal features that includes rainbow text, new stories filters, and more. Here is what is coming to each platform: INSTAGRAM FEATURES Rainbow hastags For the last three years, Instagram has been enhancing all pride-related hashtags with a rainbow gradient. This [...]

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Facebook Intros New Knowledge Panel-Like Information Boxes

Facebook is introducing its knowledge panel-like information boxes into its search results for certain queries, SocialMediaToday first reported on June 9. The information within the boxes are sourced from Wikipedia. The Facebook search results for “nicolas cage,” on desktop and on the Facebook mobile app. Clicking on “More Info” takes users to the entity’s Facebook page.Source - [...]

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