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Meta Robots Nofollow Gets The Hint Treatment Too

In accordance to Google's new treatment of the nofollow link attribute, the robots meta tag is going to be treated as a hint, Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes tweeted on September 11.  “There’s no meta robots ugc and sponsored, it won’t do anything if you add that,” Illyes also stated in his tweet.  A number of SEOs question why they should [...]

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Google AdWords Doubles The Number Of Sitelinks On Search Ads

Not long ago, a few weeks, Google had revamped the look and feel of the AdWords Sitelinks, making them a carousel tappable format.  With this change, Google doubled the number of sitelinks you can show on your AdWords search ads from four to eight. The now updated help documentation used to say that on mobile devices, it would [...]

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Google Officially Changes Sitelinks Design To Carousel Format

It's been confirmed by Google that the company is rolling out a new design for Sitelinks.  Sitelinks are additional links found within snippets of search results that allow searchers to jump quickly to important and relevant pages on that site, rather than to the main listing in the search result snippet. Over the course of a [...]

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Google Search Console Removes Sitelinks Demotion Feature

Something that was quietly announced by Google on Google+ was the removal of a Google Search Console feature that's almost nine years ago - the ability to remove sitelinks from displaying in Google search. As of October 13th, the feature was finally shut off, which had been running sense October 18, 2007. This feature allowed webmaster tell Google [...]

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Google Testing New Format For Sitelinks, In Carousel Card Form

Right now, it seems that Google is testing a new format for the Google Sitelinks that are found under the search result snippets on some sites.  Sitelinks, typically, are hyperlinks that lead to important pages within a website.  They usually show up in the form of a simple blue link that can be found under the search [...]

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Google Mobile Results Have New Expandable Sitelinks

Shree Vaidya has spotted something new going on with Google, a new format for the sitelinks on the mobile search results. Google Sitelinks are the links that are found under a search result snippet that adds additional navigation links to important and relevant pages on the corresponding site. If you look at the picture below, you'll see that [...]

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