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Google: Spam Less Than 1% Of Maps Content

On February 20, Google posted hot it is continuing to build up Maps with community content. According to the company, the myriad contributions made its over 120 million Local Guides. Google also spoke up about spam, which the company said is representing less than 1% of the 20 million daily contributions it receives on Maps. [...]

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Twitter Fights Spammers by Limiting the Number of Accounts Users Can Follow Per Day

Twitter, in an effort to fight spammers, is reducing the amount of accounts users are able to follow everyday. The original limit was 1,000 account follow per day, but from this point onward, the limit has been reduced to 400 a day. Going from 1,000 follows to just 400 is quite a drop, but [...]

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Twitter Takes Aggressive Steps To Curb Spam & Bot Activity By Blocking Identical Actions Across Multiple Accounts

Substantial changes have been made by Twitter on February 21 that will greatly impact social media managers who oversee multiple accounts and use automation apps to manage their Twitter activity. Twitter announced that it isn't going to permit identical or substantially similar content to be posted simultaneously from multiple accounts. Something else that has been [...]

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Twitter’s Safety Updates Address User Bans, Abuse And Safe Search

Because Twitter has been seeing a rampant abuse problem, the company has chosen to find the right way to handle this issue.  In an announcement made on January 7, this issue was addressed with some overall improvements toward a safer, and a better tweeting experience.  There was an addition of three major changes - abusive account creation [...]

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Is Twitter Going To Address Its Harassment Issue?

On the morning of August 11th BuzzFeed released a scathing report about how Twitter has been operating as a platform that allows its users to stalk, harass, and post of private information.  Over the last ten years, a number of users have been abused on the platform, regardless of the type of user.  The CEO of Twitter [...]

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