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How Estimated Reading Times Increase Engagement With Content

Did you know that, according to an August 2013 estimate by eMarketer, the average US adult will spend over five hours a day with digital media?  Calculated out, that's about 316 minutes a day.  That's a lot of time to spend reading or watching digital media. With a sophisticated website analytics implementation, it's possible to [...]

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How To Repurpose Content Without Looking Like A Total Jerk

Having content on your site is great.  If you have content that people are interested in reading or watching, you're doing great.  But there's the idea of having even MORE content is even better.  (Well, that's not ALWAYS a good thing...what's better than more content?  GREAT content, right?)  You don't always have to have a [...]

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Starting Over, Part 1: A Pre-Launch Checklist

Making your way to the top can be hard work.  But in a field like SEO (or really ANY field of work for that matter), once you've gotten to a point where you're an established SEO, content writer, or marketer, you're set.  When I talk about being set, I mean you've already gained the experience [...]

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Content & SEO Alignment: 3 Steps To Create The Perfect Win-Win

It seems like expense is always going to be around.  If you want something done, you have to pay for it somehow.  But unfortunately, as time goes on, it seems expense is always going to keep going up.  Based on new research, brands are investing over $40 billion in content every year.  Because online content [...]

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Turning Old Content Into New Links

I don't know about you, but when I put work into something, I like to get as much mileage from that piece of work as I can before it's finally put on the wayside to make room for something else newer.  You're not going to buy a new shirt, wear it once or twice, and [...]

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