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Scott Davenport is the content writer and social media man of Thrive Business Marketing in Portland Oregon. Writing about the current events of the SEO world, as well as tips and advice that fellow SEOs could use to improve their own SEO campaigns and shares it for the whole world to see!

Choose Your Own Ad Venture With LinkedIn Conversation Ads

SEJ Main Digital Marketing News: Week of March 20th, 2020 LinkedIn launches a feature we actually want to have a conversation aboutGoogle develops new properties to help update eventsBrands can easily create custom lenses in SnapchatFacebook reaches out a helping hand to small businesses in a time of need Plus, learn how to make the [...]

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Google My Business Not Functioning As Expected Under The Strain Of Coronavirus

On March 20, Google temporarily disabled new local reviews as well as the ability of businesses to post review responses. Although this was previewed in Google’s earlier announcement about limited GMB functionality during the coronavirus crisis, it took many local SEOs by surprise. By March 23, a number of local SEOs complained about various problems and delays in posting [...]

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Yelp Announces Fundraising Partnership With GoFundMe To Support Local Businesses

After Yelp announced a $25 million relief package for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus last week, Yelp is announcing a fundraising partnership with GoFundMe with the objective to enable Yelp users to donate to businesses directly through Yelp. Many GoFundMe pages have already been created by a number of local businesses. This program will automatically place [...]

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Twitter Echoes YouTube With Automated Review Processes, Instagram Tests Another Camera Feature

On March 20, YouTube made some efforts to maintain its content ecosystem with automated review process during the COVID-19 outbreak. Twitter decided to do the same by implementing its own moderation process that relies on automation tools to detect and remove violating content. With automatic reviews popping up left and right on multiple platforms, it is [...]

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Google Temporarily Disables Local Reviews

It seems Google has disabled local reviews functionality for both consumers AND business owners. SterlingSky’s Jason Brown first flagged this issue on Friday. Joy Hawkins, also of SterlingSky, added, “Any review responses posted right now aren’t publishing live. Same thing with leaving new reviews. None of the reviews I left 5 min ago are publishing.” When [...]

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Max Prin On Technical SEO Tools And PWAs

Barry Schwartz and the head of technical SEO at Merkle, Max Prin, spoke about some of the new free tools he helped to build at Max said that he benefits from building out the tools because it helps him understand how search engines work. The two talked about PWAs and how he likes the [...]

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Bing Adopts SpecialAnnouncement Structured Data For COVID-19

In an announcement, Bing said that they are supporting the SpecialAnnouncement data type for coronavirus-related business, travel, government health agency and testing center updates. If you apply the markup, it can produce a label that shows your special announcement that has a link to your site, in web, and local search results. Businesses and agencies can use [...]

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Getting Smarter with SERPs – Whiteboard Friday

Modern SERPs requires modern understanding. There really isn't such a thing as national SERPs, as everything these days is local. When we base important decisions on SERPs and rankings, using the highest quality data is an important factor. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Russ Jones explores the problem with SERPs, data quality, and existing [...]

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Google’s Right-Sidebar Featured snippets Are No More

According to a Google spokesperson, the right-sidebar featured snippet variant of Google search results has been migrated into the main results column. This change is the part of Google’s featured snippet deduplication, which began on January 22. Mordy Oberstein, CMO of RankRanger, spotted the update had rolled out Thursday. Google formerly showed featured snippets in the right sidebar [...]

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