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New Google Image Search Desktop Design Is Now Rolling Out

A new image search design is being rolled out by Google for desktop, and was announced at the 20th anniversary event of the company on Monday. This new design features a lot of what was launched by Google in March with the new mobile image design changes, such as captions on images, the URL of the image, and [...]

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Users Spot Redesigned Google Image Search Results Design

Google is always testing something.  In this case, Google seems to be testing a new design and user interface for Google Images, which users have managed to spot and screenshot.  This new interface filter bubbles at the top, which suggests ways to filter your image search.  A new preview for the image you selected is also offered. Rather [...]

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Google Confirms New FAQs, Q&A And How-Tos For Search Results Snippets

It has been confirmed by Google that the company has been busy testing for the past several months a new form of search results snippets: the way the search results appear to searchers.  These new search snippets have taken the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs), questions and questions (Q&A) and How-Tos. Akhil Agarwal first notified Search [...]

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Google Tests Location Tab For Hotel Knowledge Panels

Google is now testing a new location tab and section within thee hotel knowledge panel.  The location tab contains information that tells you what is around the hotel, such as sections like highlights, top sights and a getting-around section.  Sergey Alakov captured the test, and was able to share the following screen shots below. An important aspect of [...]

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Google’s Mobile Search Results Now Show Image Thumbnails 45% Of The Time

RankRanger's Mord Oberstein has reported that the Google mobile search results interface has had a dramatic increase of image thumbnails that were displayed in mobile search results. According to the data from RankRanger, there is 183 percent increase on July 13, 208, which is up from 15.7 of mobile page one search results that contain image thumbnails [...]

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