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Bing Ads Launches New Action Extensions To Highlight Calls-To-Action

Bing Ads has released a brand new ad extension out into the wild. Action extensions launched globally in all supported languages Wednesday and are available on desktop and mobile devices. The action extensions feature one of 70 pre-defined calls-to-action. When on the desktop, action extensions will show up as a button to the right of the [...]

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Bing Ads Auction Insights Now Available Globally

Auction Insights, the Bing Ads tool which lets advertisers compare performance to other advertisers on the platform, and first launched in the U.S. back in November, is now available in all markets. You can find Auction Insights in the web interface from the Campaigns page under the Details drop-down menu.  You'll be able to get reports at [...]

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Bing Ads Rolling Out Updates To Quality Score Reporting

The changes, they are coming!  Big Ads will be rolling out some changes to its quality score reporting over the course of the next few days.  The only thing that will be affected is how quality score is getting reported.  Don't worry, ad and keyword performance fundamentals aren't going to be impacted. What are the things you're [...]

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Bing Ads Says Goodbye To Phone Numbers In PPC Ad Copy

It's a sad day for those Bing PPC advertisers who who were putting phone numbers in their ads, for this feature is soon coming to an end.  Google stopped allowing advertisers to place phone numbers into AdWords ad copy.  Bing Ads is now announcing a similar change. No longer will those using Bing Ads be able to place [...]

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Bing Ads Rolling Out Close Variants On Phrase Match

It's already known that Bing Ads have announced the switch to include variants on Exact Match and Broad Match Modifier keywords.  What else could get this new treatment?  It looks like it would be Now Phrase Match keywords are getting the close variants treatment. What are close variants, you say? Well, these variant ads trigger [...]

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Bing Ads Adds Competitive “Auction Insights” To Web UI

In Bing Ads news, it is possible for advertisers to now find competitive auction data in the web interface.  Auction Insights, which was launched earlier this year in Bing Ads Intelligence, is available from the Campaigns page on the web.  You will be able to find Auction Insights at the campaign, ad group and keyword [...]

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Bing Ads Debuts Enhanced Sitelinks In US

For those who advertise with Bing, it is good to note that Enhanced Sitelinks have been made available on Bing Ads in the U.S. and are going to be rolled out further to other markets through the end of the year.  So what's great about Enhanced Sitelinks?  This feature offers two addition lines of copy [...]

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