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Google Drops Support For Meta News Keywords Tag

Google has decided to drop its support for the news meta keywords tag, which was introduced specifically for news publishers back in 2012.  Several months ago, the search engine quietly stopped supporting it. Because Google didn't announce the change, publishers continued using it.  By using the news meta keywords tag, you'll find that it won't help Google [...]

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European Press Agencies Push For Licensing Fees For Their Content From Google, Facebook

Google has had their fair share of quarrels with European news publishers and governments in Germany and Spain, both of whom have tried getting the company to pay copyright fees for the indexing of news content.  Google has largely prevailed in these instances.  However, publishers haven't been deterred from continuing to make the case that US internet [...]

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Google News Adds New Referral URL Source That Publishers Should Begin Tracking

Google has announced, if not quietly, in its Google news forum that a new URL referrer source has been added that news publishers should be tracking to get a "comprehensive view of traffic from Google News."  Not only can referrals be tracked from, publishers should also track referrals from There seems to be a connection [...]

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Google News To Deprecate Old RSS Feed URLs On December 1, 2017

Google News is going to be deprecating their old RSS feed subscription URLs by December 1, 2017.  What this means for you is, if you've got a Google News RSS feed subscription from a year or so ago, you'll have to update them all. According to a Google spokesperson, “We are making some necessary improvements to [...]

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Google Announces New Poynter Partnership To Train More News Fact Checkers Globally

During the 2016 presidential election, the concept of fake news seemed to permeate the face of Google, Facebook and Twitter for the promotion of false narratives.  All of these companies have taken corrective measures, such as deploying fact-checking mechanisms to identify false claims. Google, adding to the current efforts, announced a partnership with the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), which was [...]

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Google Adds Structured Data For Subscription & Paywalled Content For New Flexible Sampling Program

It was reported early on October 2 that Google is doing away with the old “first click free” program and replacing it with flexible sampling.  Basically, Publishers are being given more options for allowing search users to access their content without hurting ranking visibility in Google search results. With this, Google introduced a new paywall structured data [...]

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Report: Google Ending ‘First Click Free’ To Help Publishers Boost Subscriptions

According to a Wall Street Journal report (registration required), Google is in the works to end its "first click free" (FCF) program, which provides users access to content behind publisher subscription paywalls when they click through from Google results.  The move is intended to help boost subscription rates. According to the report, Google is going to allow [...]

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