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Why Is The New Google Keyword Planner Good?

With the creation of the Google Keyword Planner, which came to replace the Keyword Tool came some negative feedback.  The Planner seemed to be missing some useful functions that people came to rely on.  There was no match type data for search volume, no device targeting, no local vs global monthly searches, and the ability to [...]

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The Foundation of Your Marketing: Setting Goals

In today's episode of the Moz Whiteboard Friday, the topic is focuses on setting goals, and steering away from finding the right tools to do the job.  With so many tools out there, and with the invention of new ones coming out all the time, it can be easy to get lost when searching for [...]

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Payday Loan Penalty, A Case Study

In a case study posted today on, Steven Macdonald wrote about how was hit incredibly hard that caused an 81% organic traffic loss for the site.    in an article entitled Payday Loan Penalty And The Road To Recovery, Steven explains how they were able to not only free themselves from the weight of their [...]

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Building Your Marketing Funnel with Google Analytics

If you're an online marketer, it's always been commonplace to know how to bring in the most amount of possible visitor conversions to a website.  But what if you're not having very good luck doing this? Perhaps it means that you haven't optimized your website's marketing strategy based on its analytics data.  This could mean [...]

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Solving the Pogo Stick Problem

Getting your site to display at the top of a SERP is quite an accomplishment, but it also takes quite a bit of effort to keep it there. If people click through to your site only to click their back buttons and look for another result, the search engines are going to catch on, and [...]

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+1s Don’t Have Direct Impact On Rankings

According to Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Search Spam, stated again that Google’s +1 data doesn’t have any direct impact on their web search ranking algorithm. A story was released by Moz called Amazing Correlation Between +1s and Higher Search Rankings, but Matt Cutts shot it down in a respond in Hacker News saying, [...]

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Heart to Heart About Link Building With Michael King

With best practices for link building continuously changing, it can be difficult to keep track of which work well and which should be removed from our repertoire. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Michael King (a.k.a. @iPullRank) makes a case for dropping some tactics in favor of others.

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