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Google To Boost Mobile Friendly Algorithm This Coming May

Google has announced in a post through the Webmaster blog that they'll be boosting the effects of the mobile friendly algorithm that first launched on April 21, 2015. According to the company, the update will be "beginning in May" and will "increase the effect of the [mobile friendly] ranking signal."  But if you're already mobile friendly, says Google, you [...]

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Google: AMP Not Yet A Search Ranking Signal

According to Googler John Mueller, said this morning in a Google Hangout that AMP is not a ranking signal in the Google search ranking algorithm.  This can be found at the 15:50 mark into the video. It was reported back in December that AMP might become a ranking signal, but as of yet, it hasn't happened. John [...]

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Ad Age: Google Is To Launch AMP In Search Results On February 24, 2016

In a report by Advertising Age, Google’s AMP initiative will begin this coming Wednesday, February 24. This means that mobile users will start seeing AMP-optimized content from publishers in their mobile search results as soon as this Wednesday. We knew it was going to launch in February 2016, but it's nice to know that there is an official date.  As [...]

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How Might Google Rank Apps & App-Only Content?

When it comes to how Google handles ranking apps in 2016, Google's App Indexing will be something that will be very important for SEOs to pay attention to.  Barry Schwartz had the chance to talk to Rajan Patel, Google's director of mobile search, about the key differentiators between how Google ranks web content versus app content. Because of [...]

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Google’s App Interstitial Giant Ad Penalty Has Gone Live

Google came out on September 1, saying that giant ads for apps may lead to ranking declines starting on November 1.  The algorithm update, the "app install interstitial penalty," went live, but a whole day late on November 2. The announcement was made by Google on various social networks, including their own Google+, saying:   Starting today, pages [...]

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Additional Ranking Boost For Using App Indexing API Added By Google

An announcement was made on September 30th by Mariya Moeva, A Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, during SMX East that not only will there be an app ranking boost (which Google announced n February 26, 2015), but an additional ranking boost for those apps that utilize the new App Indexing API. According to Mariya, when an app utilizes the new API, [...]

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Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?

These days, it's no secret that mobile configuration for any business running a website is a big part of the future of SEO and digital marketing.  There are statistic out there that says that there are more Google searches that take place on mobile devices than desktop computers in 10 countries.  We also have to to take into [...]

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How To Recover If You Got Nailed By Mobilegeddon

By now, Mobilgeddon has been here, and has subsequently passed us.  It's pretty much old news now, regardless of how badly you were hit.  Of course, those who were mobile-friendly prior to the release of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update have almost forgotten about it. But on the other end of the spectrum, those who were [...]

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