google-logo-874x288Imagine this.  You are an SEO, and you get up in the morning to get started on a fresh day of work, only to discover that one of your client’s websites have suddenly dropped off the their usual place on Google.  Sitting there in stunned silence, you try to figure out what caused Google to remove or de-rank the site.

After some research, you finally find out what the cause of the problem is, and you try rectifying it by sending Google a reconsideration request after trying to fix the problem.  But, unfortunately, your request fails and nothing happens.

There are a number of reasons a reconsideration request might fail.  But fortunately, many of the most common mistakes site owners and inexperienced SEOs make when trying to lift a Google penalty that can be totally avoided.

 has a Moz post online for us all to check out that lists 12 common reasons that your reconsideration request would fail.  In Modestos’ post, he will show you how you can even prevent them.

Check it out!

YouMoz: 12 Common Reasons Reconsideration Requests Fail