If you are a small business owner with a website which is up and running – well done, considering that a shocking 50% of small businesses don’t! That is a great start, but don’t skip the next important step – take a closer look and see how you can optimize your web design to get the best possible results. Your website is often the first place your potential customers go to find you, and that is where most users will form an initial judgment about your company, be it good or bad, based on how your website looks and functions. First impressions do count, especially when it comes to web design. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes which you may need to correct in order to see an upsurge in your conversions.

1. Slow loading times

Did you know that when it comes to loading speed, anything longer than 2 seconds is too long for many of your users? According to DesignAdvisor, as many as 47% of web users believe that a website should load within 2 seconds. How long does your website take to load? Another critical factor is images. If you have image loading issues, your potential customers may get tired of watching the loading circle go round, and bounce off to a faster website.

2. Navigation difficulties

When someone visits your site, they usually want to get a quick overview of what you have to offer. How easy is it to navigate your site? Are your drop-down menus comprehensive? Is your interface consistent? Make sure to use vertical scroll only and banish the dreaded horizontal scrollbar for good. Consider whether your website is responsive – in other words, is it mobile friendly? These days it is essential to cater to the growing mobile-user audience.

3. Faulty search functionalities

Your readers may be looking for something in particular and will want to type it into the search bar. Does your website have a search bar and is it functioning optimally? If not, this is something that could really improve your website’s user experience and boost your success rate.

4. Missing contact information

Most website visitors are interested in your contact information. In fact, that is the first thing that 64% of visitors look for after landing on a web page. If your contact information is not visible and easy to find, make sure you add it in as soon as possible.

5. Call to action is missing in action

They say if you aim for nothing you will certainly achieve it. What action are you hoping to get your website visitors to perform? If there is no call to action of any kind, then you cannot expect to have a tangible result. In a case study, by implementing a new web design with more prominent calls to action, MeetingZone increased their conversion rate by an incredible 2900%!

Having read about these five common web design mistakes, which one (or more) can you work on to increase your success as a small business?

Infographic URL: https://designadvisor.net/blog/web-design-trends/