Having an online presence is very important for local and global businesses, especially if those businesses have physical locations.

At first, it could seem to be counterproductive if a local business focus on developing their online presence, but once you see that this is where their customers are making buying decisions, you’ll change your mind.

If a business wants to optimize for local SEO, it can make a huge impact with the right focus and tools.

Listings management with these local SEO tools encompasses a wide range of features that include:

  • An automated listings finder, which allows users to determine additional directory listing opportunities (and ensuring consistency across all existing listings).
  • The ability to automatically update all listings information with a click.
  • Review management, which notifies businesses of new reviews. Some of these tools also include functionality for directly replying to customer reviews within the user interface.
  • Analytics tools.

Some tools on this list narrowly focus on one of these features (such as ReviewTrackers, which specializes in review management), while others offer an all-in-one solution.

The following represent the best options for each aforementioned listings management feature – as well as several all-in-one local SEO solutions.

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