The Best Way to Suck at Marketing – Whiteboard Friday

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You’ve probably been in the role of an online marketer for a while now.  Perhaps in the beginning, you had some great intentions when it came to helping those clients that came to you for help, or for getting your own website name out there.  Making money was obviously important, but it playing a positive as marketer was first on your list.

But after a while, it seems have shifted.  Now, you feel that make sure you bring in the highest amount of people to your site and maximizing profits has taken over.  Instead of making looking at your job as bringing in people because of positive intentions, you’re only bringing them in like cattle to the slaughter.  You are seeing them with dollar bills in your eyes.

Once your customers realize this, they will probably not be hanging around for long.  The key point is that you’ve forgotten that you’re dealing with people, with human beings.  You see them as merely a means to an end.  In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin discusses the benefits of marketing for long-term success, and moving away from the “dollars in your eyes” short term model for success.

Whiteboard Friday: The Best Way To Suck At Marketing

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