Google Author 2Back in June, Google’s John Mueller announced that the search giant would be “simplifying” the way authorship is displayed in search results, and this took everybody by surprise.

How much more simple could things could?  Basically, Google would be removing profile photos and circle counts from the search listings of pages with authorship enabled.

Of course, even with the removal of the photos, the links are obviously still there and totally functional.  Besides, as long as that remains intact, that’s what matters, right?  But hold on a tick.  Could there be more to this than what we’ve been told?  Could profile pics still be hanging around?

There seems to be the images of authors still hanging out on search results if you look hard enough!  It’s true!  In a piece by  on Search Engine Land, he talks about Google’s authorship photos being taken down, but not completely, as well as the mixed emotions of Google removing authorship.  Aaron also discusses some other observations and caveats on the issue.

To check out Aaron’s post, you can follow the link provided below to check out his post.

Search Engine Land: Google+ Authorship Images Live On