Targeting Your Audience Earlier in the Buying Process – Whiteboard Friday

Rand fishkin The Sales Funnel has always been a big thing in SEO.  The idea behind the Sales Funnel follows the metaphor of a real funnel (wide at the top and narrow at the bottom) and monitors the sales process.  Starting from the top is where all of the unqualified prospects.  This is where people, who are looking for a product or service, begin their search.  They haven’t really begun to think of who to go for yet.  At the opposite end of the funnel at the bottom, after several deliver steps, you find that this is where customers have finally found the business they were looking for to complete their needs and make a transaction.

Most SEO’s, when dealing with the Sales Funnel, will focus on the steps near the bottom of the funnel.  Because of this, this is where a lot of competition lies between you and other SEOs trying hard to get the attention of potential customer’s.  But have you ever thought about trying to get to the customers in the early steps of the Funnel?  You may just want to think about doing that.

But why would you do that?  What would be the point?

Moz’s Rand has the explanation for you about why targeting your audience earlier in the buy process is a good idea in this episode of Whiteboard Friday.  Check it out!